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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bad Cats and Christmas X boxes

Ive spent most of my time lately on the xbox console which was kindly donated to me by my mate tommy trout. The game in question Star Wars Nights of the old republic (and yes, if youre reading this tommy you were right, it is a very very addictive game.) its one of those games where you forget about what is going on around you, you loose all reality just to get to the next part in the addiction of game loving. I absoulutely love it, to the parts where you dont have to wait to save, I thought I would not like the turn based system when I saw it at first But after a few goes of getting used to it I love it. The only draw back to the game, well little draw back has to be the fact you have to spend ages running back to places, which takes ages, but im not complaning. All in all its high in my estermations at the moment. There's alot of my friends who have decided to take up there time by gaming day and night, Maybe its the fact that its rained every bloody day this winter. No its just that its winter and reality seems crap in the winter, everyones moody, and you try to cheer them up but it turns back to negative emotions by the end. Personally at the moment I feel as if Im not getting anywhere no progress or nothing, But im just happy to carry on playing my amazing game and wasting my family man life.

But on a lighter note my cat has just had a Mouth operation which cost me 280 quid and to find hes not right after it, because he took to long to come out of the anestetic has nothing to do with the fact that he can't balance and dont know where the hell he is etc. Might have the decision of the vet putting him to sleep once and for all, after they have drained us for all our christmas money (poor monty, weep).

Im feeling a little Grim at the moment but I know it will get better, Christmas is only round the corner. And the corner is only a short one. Its very stressfull though the present thing and all. Wouldnt it be a good idea to have a website which had PA's to do all the dirty work for you. You know que and go out in the cold, I know there are websites out there where you can buy online, but its seems like you dont know where the hell to start,eg I would much rather look through the argos catalogue than browse online its seems alot more self sufficient to do it that way, maybe I could just lie low (hide) for a few weeks after christmas and not buy anyone any presents, Fat chance of that happening. But I suppose in the joust of it all, everyone should recieve a present whether it is large or small, expensive or cheap. Its the thought that counts. Have a early Happy Christmas.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Droid of thought

Ive spent most of my day chatting. Feeling a little more human than the other day, when im working on the computer its either be quiet and feel like a droid or chat away and (not knowing what the hell you are keying) but feel more than human by chatting your way to the finish line (end of day). Had a deep thought earlier whilst I was washing my hands in the bog I thought about what I read about the night before in my psychology text book im currently studying. Talking about memory you can access thoughts of experience from long term memory then I thought imagine you could recall future events as well as recalling memory from past events. confusing i know, but if the future is written then we would somehow want to change it and make it better but if we could recall future events from memory (premination) then we would not be able to deal with the fact that its going to happen, but we dont know where and when just like a past memory e.g. buying a can coke last week from machine you didnt know the exact time and date but you briefly remember buying a can of coke. So in the near future if we could pinpoint future preminations then it would be of the flash back memory nature no matter what, reason being you cannot pin point a time and date to memory, so Im guessing that this would be the same for preminations..... just guessing. So not knowing what Nostradamus used to predict is visions of future events then he must have decided that he could not actually pin point a time and place, they must have been shown as future events with which he guessed a time line of possibility, like a marker e.g. time marker. Just like on a map where you use a marker (tree, monument or building) to find your point of location, then he must have used time markers to set a point in existence to the time he was observing just like noticing a flying machine then a car must be later on in time, to a horse pulling a carriage which would of course would be earlier, other markers showing different time scales and all, like wars etc. It must have been a large overwhelming guessing game for him.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lets skip Christmas and Get a Sale (having a moan)

So the question is on everybody's lips is what the bloody hell happens after christmas, Well what tends to happen is for a start we are all bloody well skint beyond our wildest dreams. And so the dreaded January Dawns upon us (nowone talks of the lovely january, when Christmas is on the Doorstep ) well january is so depressing after the hype of Christmas everybody is moaning over the january sales, with the shops rubbing in our face the fact that they sold us something before Christmas twice as much as what it is then, so its just so fuck$%^ pityfull when you have no money to buy the things you want after christmas which are less than half the price, we all rush out boxing day to find that there is nothing at all left on the shelves then you wonder to yourself where the hell have people found the money to buy sale items after christmas. As you know by now only the rich can buy after Christmas. Whenever you here someone saying they are going to have a traditional christmas then you know that theyre a inchy meiser (tight bas£$%£) and theyve got wait for the sales written all over their faces ( if only Christmas was in January - you would have twice as much). But I suppose we must make the most of it we only get around 70 odd in a lifetime, that like 70 odd boxing day sales. lol (another way of looking at it)

Monday, November 13, 2006

No Green but lots of festive spirit.

Today I was feeling a little down in the morning and not my usual self due to my lack of green tea ( forgot the bloody bags - I wont forget them tomoz in a hurry ). I got usual moan from the odd clerk from leftovers not being done from support on friday, I wont go into detail. I dont know what was wrong with me but I seemed to be far away when people are talking to me ( I dont know what the hell is wrong with me- cant work it out) maybe its boredom from life. I sometimes feel as if I want to do something different and outrageous ( like a extreme sport) just to feel that little spark of life in the cockles of my heart once again. I kept quiet all day today and just had people come up to me and ask why I was so quiet, well sometimes its a good thing to listen to people and observe what's going on around you before blabbing your opinions which other people may not want to listen to. I get days like this and have learnt a lot from it. I am not a loud mouth all the time sometimes I can be as silent as a mouse, this shows that im listening as well speaking, which is a good thing.
The usual day happned today just keying a little more keying, was thinking earlier its only a matter of time before machines are going to replace us, I was looking at the forms we key and noticed some of the form have boxes on the them where the ticks are just like a lottery ticket and what reads this yes youve guessed it a machine, so it looks as if my work colleagues wont be as cosy as they think they are, I know its going to happen the next five years or so I got a funny feeling about it. I left work at around 4.35pm

I got home to my family thinking at was going to be mayhem, but as I entered the door every thing seemed perfect.... nice and perfect, I love days like that. It was lovely the tree lights were on, from where hayls put them up days before. She put them up early I know but hayls has this fasination of having to be the first to put the lights up in the culdesack (street) and so she has succeeded in her little competition lol. Heres a picture of this years early tree......
and the nativety at the bottom which the kids love to play with and break unfortunately

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blurry Nights of fun ( Marcus Polius 21st)

Friday Night (3rd Nov) must have been one of the best nights out I have had in a long time. Trying to remember it, is like trying to get that last bit of ice-cream from the bottom of the tub with a large spoon, with which you will never taste that delicious cream of ice untill someone comes along in work and fills you in with all the bits you could not remember like someone giving you a small spoon for the delicious bits, The delicious bits being the flash backs of course with extras. Yeah thank god for Andrew (Sharky) and his powerful memory we were to complete most of the night. Marcus Polius the tit Meister (he got a big tit and he like's to show it. And well done to him he done his bit for his country by showin his big brown tit
and so The night was young as we started our long mission, with a nice hot chocolate in Monkey bar mmmmmm Chocolate ( I know what ya thinking yer a bit strange for a night out hot choco, but at the end of the day it was gorgeous and lovely, what a change.
I met martin whilst on my way to monkey bar, where the adventure began after a brief hot choco, everyone turned up even The legendary Mr Barrow who has just left us So it was little bit of a double celebration. After a little bit of drink in monkey I was getting heated up for the lovely Bermuda Triangle (ahh the Joy).
we were on our way down there, just about to enter there when Bovril decided to take control of the group last minute and for some bizarre reason to take us to boring Bank Statement, At this point I was feeling a little pissed off as The conversation that were happening around the table were that of promotional nature about boring work (the last thing you want to talk about when ya out is work)
So I SPONTANOUSLY went to the bar and got a round of lovely tequila, where everyone all of a sudden knew everything about lemons and salt, I ate the lemon and downed the tequila and before you knew it I felt a little better of my daily dose of what the doctor ordered. It was then on to the Bermuda Triangle yay!!! Where the Dreams happen and fun begins and so, the so called Death Tequila was sampled By Mr Barrow and myself (tasted like pure hot Crap) errrrr!!!
Then I bought a round of the lovely stuff which was going to change the night Well After that PHEW!!!
Aparently sources tell me that there was Lot going on when we proceeded to the bar next door (Sa1) A sex on the Beach was ordered after convincing Mr Barrow it was lovely, ( well I took the gamble as he was threatning me how beyond its going to be if it doesnt taste nice, but before you know it loads of people were giving me loads of orange paper and so I traded them in for the lovely refreshing stuff at one point we were supposed to have had one jug each.)
We then Decided to move on to chicago rock for a lovely little dance
( where we found lots of lovely tunes.) Martin found a lovely Cue Rope (fetish) which he inherited from somewhere he was getting quite attached to it untill the bouncer Confiscated it. He was really dissapointed I wonder who grassed him up the bas****$, If I ever meet the person who grassed Ill kill them.
After Martin had a Refreshing Head flush in Bogs it was onward To the Outrageous Flares, Where on the lovely Magical joyfull journey I went picking some fresh roses from the church outside the quadrant, For the Famous Mr Barrow, Then there was a sudden bang as martin nearly had his way with little woods window, it was almost a smash n Grab I think he was a little upset due to the withdrawl symtoms of loosing his little momentum (arrrrr he's never had a Navy one, poor guy) yay!!! onwards by now im pisssed as fart nearly falling down potholes and shit, we arrived at flares with which I cant remeber much (blurrr) I know we were dancing and dancing and Mr Barrow refused to dance as he was saying about some girl on the dance floor who has been on the sick for ages and has a sick record as long as his arm!! hee hee. Never mind Mr Barrow She might not remember monday morning when She has her nasty stage 2 displinary from you. And so he came round and we danced and danced and danced then ammmmm then ammmmmm Phew!!hard to remember mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Food
Curry and chips and a large sausage in batter I think mr Barrow had the same The orders were all wrong but we couldnt be arsed to argue, just to be gratefull and eat like we have never eaten before and wasnt it a nice meal.
We caught a Sparkling White Taxi across the road (which I never catch because theyre always too expensive - but what the hell we were With mr barrow - yeah ) the money was flowing out of Mr Barrow's pockets as he gave me A (What!) fiver lol. Remember last time ,oh yeah he payed the expensive taxi last time, damn he remembered and so I was lumbered with most of the taxi fayre. But The Taxi man was a lovely man, Well he had to be to put a bunch Absinth heads at the back of cabby. We were tempted to get Mrs Barrow up to cook us a lovely hearty breakfast but dissopointetely MR Barrow objected He replied " no you bloody wont". It then dawned on me why martin told me to take my earing's out before flares, And so the truth was revealed has he gave me one hell of clout in the taxi, we were brawling and in the back of the cab, Must have give the taximan a mighty fine tip as his cheesy grin was enourmous, we were in someones drive just brawling and wrestling when a light came on we ran for our dear lifes as we heard a dog barking, we didnt give up clouting each other, I used My advanced neaderthal Knowledge and picked meself a mighty fine twig and so the little sparrow martin was arsed spanked all the way down the fuck*** street hee hee never laughed so much But he had his own back when we got back and took this lovely family photo of me taking a shit (the Fuck"*& BAstar$)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lots of Brain ache to go round after daze Dimension

Do you know the odd thing about work is the fact that no matter how hard the application is I am keying I still go into a daze of daydreaming as if im not there at all, Im carrying out the usual duty's of keying, driving and even shopping but Im still in that horrible daze dimension where you are in a totally different world. The only way I can snap out of it sometimes is if someone comes upto me and talkes of something im really intrested in. This usually happens everyday around the hours of 1 untill 4 afternoon (odd indeed). In the morning I tend to have a couple of green teas then after this I become my churpy self, Full of confidence happy, willing to talk to anyone about anything etc, I would absoulutely love to be like that all the time, but it seems that the monitors drain your every life of breath from you after about 2 hours of so. Ive found that many other people feel like this after spending this amount of time observing screens (sounds like a little experiment to me). Maybe its something to do with the new tft flat screens that are out, or the fact that we are seated all day and its not natural to stay seated for such a long time. Maybe in time evolution will design us to cope with the capabilities of spending so much time in front of computer screens. Can you imagine what we would like. We would have large heads to store more data, large eyes to take in large amounts of data, special fingers to key faster (if keyboards are still around)no hair, no finger nails (not needed). Basically we would look a little like a (Grey) Alien, mmm maybe just maybe it is us in the future.

Ive had a horrible head on today towards the end of work due to too much thinking (much too much thinking in that little place I like to call daze Dimension). I think its due to the fact I like the well being you get from green tea. I think Ive totally abused the detox issues towards it, at this rate I think Im going to live until im 160 with the amount I drink if its true about preserving your body.
Im thinking it must have the same qualities of omega 3 or something like it because your thinking of wisdom is unbelievable (no wonder the ancient Chinese you used to drink it).

On my last note I would like to tell you that (Mark, work colleague and good friend) as started a blogg called weird and wonderfull and after reading the third entry I have laughed my tits off at his Wife's Entry. here it is
I like the fact that she's been completely blunt and described Mark to a 'T' and not caring about what the hell he has to say about it. Maybe he will make a come back 'Whahey Blog Wars!'

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Eyeball Lifts And Personal Toilets

I've spent most of today sitting next to Martin in work, we didn't come up for air as we talked and talked about random s*** with me changing the subject every now and again (with which I have found that Im good at) we talked about whats going to happen friday on his 21st birthday. I hope we havent planned it too much but the first port of call is bowling then into town via tequila bar (I dont give a shit after da lovely tequila bar, cause I wont know what day it is) then into the absent minded town.
Is desk was filled with balloons and pink banners which he removed most gutted :(
never mind.

As you can read what im writing right know that im really really tired but ya dont give a sh** because you like to be entertained with endless entries. I would just like to say that I actually enjoyed my lesson on GCSE psychology alot tonight. I always seem to make a dick of myself when mentioning things, but tonight it was a little more bland than last weeks toilet humour of how men have lots of personal space in lavatories very intresting but I wont go into detail of what happened. This week I was proud to have conducted a test on personal space for the tutor of getting into a lift full of crowded people that I didnt know and not turning to face the door but to stay eye to eye face to face with the the strangers and envade their personal space the results showed that people tend to look down in embarrisement. Strange aint it, why be embarrised. Maybe its a automatic reaction tucked away in the psychological human mind when someone Invades someone else's personal space in a confined place. Also I went on to mention that people tend to copy other people when in a lift and not knowing they are doing it. e.g. A bit like a yawn, you have to copy, you cant resist when ya tired. It must be the bordom of waiting and being in the very close company of others.

Oh ive found a way to keep myself awake more when Im on the internet, its not a miraculous miracle but, MUSIC keeps ya awake a lot longer. So im listening to a really good radio station I have found and heres the link.
Go here
and click on 80's Reload (absoulutely awesome)
Right Ive talked loads of Stuff, Maybe its intresting maybe its not let me know leave a comment my fellow friends and tell me what you think...... see yas

Magical Bike Ride

Only just recently in work I found that there rumours buzzing around on a so called internet video of a funny incident with two stone heads taking a bike ride in the country side. Martin came over just before lunch on the 14th and showed me the video on his phone. I burst with complete and utter laughter, it must be the most funniest thing I have seen in a long time and here it is.......

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Walking the Doggy

I have recently found a new lease of life, considering I had a brief conversation in work with my Mate Martin a few months back about a litter of puppys free to a good home. History was making a step for itself as I mentioned it to the Mrs, She replied Yes we have to have a puppy (I was thinking at the time that this might have been a wrong move I shouldnt have opened my gob) and so the boss has spoken and a new member as entered the household, Noodles the Dog.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Catching up on good moments

I got loads to write about and catch up on but im going to cut this whole thing clean and maybe short, I Was shocked to read that Chris Elphick the pigs lip found a site on a complete review of swansea Bloggs and mine was mentioned in it, Considering I dont post much I was shocked to here that someone would write a review on my site, well im going to show much compassion towards my Online Diary and try to keep the language down to a minimum for younger viewers ( Please post me if I swear) here is the review

I have experienced a hell of lot of foolish and unpridictable things the past month Ive started reading a book called the 7 habits of highly effective people with which I have read the first section and im still waiting for the next bit from my mate martin. Who unpredictable wipped it away and from my naked eyes and told me bit by bit my good friend and you will learn. Ok its been a while now and I would love to read more. But I suppose the suspense will make me want to read it more and more. (Just like a child with the build up of christmas in mind). I could buy it and cheat the whole thing but im willing to wait and still ponder over the first section.
Good things come to those who wait.

As fitness goes I have been ill through the month of september and found that I became a little deppressed coming off the antibiotics but the good thing is It gave me time to think and find myself. In those pain staking 3 weeks of coughing and splutering and not being able to smell taste or hear anything I found that I became much more the person I want to be without the robotic feel of life knocking on my head ( if you know what I mean, I hope you do) I didnt know that there was a person like that inside of me. The only problem was that I was starting to worry about new things, rather than work which I would worry about in that time of the day. Everything has gone back to normal now though. I am going to get back into running on the treadmill and ive found that taking the dog for a walk can be exciting rather than a choir which most people seem to think it is. I have found it to be relief as the exciting area i live in has a woodland. Im overwhelmed and exciting to find such a place to enjoy right on my doorstep if I didnt have a dog I would have never found this sacred woodland :) brilliant, pictures and more to follow on my adventures with 'One man and his dog in the sacred woodland'........

I thought that my education was going out the window and cosidering my head is in overdrive with thinking about life and stuff etc I thought I would take a little course which was advertised in the local rag, yes It is GCSE psychology I thought I must do it or I will shoot myself in the foot thinkin about where it would have lead too if I missed the opportunity.
Im enjoying and there will be more to follow about the experience of the mature school boy......

I was shocked recently to find my mate Chrisy was in to hospital with appenticitus. His farther phoned me with the news and I went down the hospital the next day to visit him, it was a experience seeing my mate I grew up with in the hospital bed next to me. I knew I shouldnt have shook him to wake him up, nowonder he looked so bad he had just had his opp.. (whoops)

and recently I had a night out with my chummy mate Martin who in fairness had good recollection of the night considering we drunk a sh** load of drink With absinth being one of the little beauties. I enjoyed

Oh im looking towards buying a new house for the first time too but I wont go into detail at this point due to the unexpedency of the situation.....

Well thanks for reading this long and boring entry, But I suppose its good to catch sometimes

see ya's

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Duplicate of the Leightster

I Was Browsing the net this evening, looking at google earth mostly, its an amazing package.
I was absoulutely shocked to come accross a photo in the nantional geographical section of a person who looks the spitting image of me from the side ( Scary)

heres the link to the pic

My Twin in america and Homeless

Ive over heard people's conversations in the past on how they have saw theyre twin in town earlier, and the great myth is that every person has a twin somewhere else on earth, mmm doubles.
Soul mate doubles, Why would the great creator do such a thing, there must be a reason, maybe Ive stubled accross my twin. Now that would be well and truly cool and to find out hes finding his way around life with great difficulty. It makes me think that mine was easy compared to his. I I I Suppose looking at his life makes me feel gratefull for the way things have turned out in mine, but am I scared to face the bravery he has gone through and my shell is too cosy to come out from and discover new things. When My twin has no home but so much vast knowledge of bravery that he would not be scared of what would go wrong, and would not be negative about success but to take that all important leap from his shell that he never had. I hope he's successful whoever he is?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Robo Cat

I Thought I would have a quick look of what was on the net and came across this I thought it was the most funniest thing ive seen in a long time, not many cat owners might find it funny. Its just thats in the cats face as hes going round and round, its just so funny lol. Then once you have watched it read the comments they were even funnier, I was then crying with lafter......

heres the link

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thoughtful post

I thought I would at least make the effort and post,
well as a start from my point of view not much has happned in my life, just that at this very moment in time I have completed my first week of my two weeks off work and boy has it gone quick took a few photos of 3 cliffs which I shall post soon. Took the kids too see what a tree and beach looks like lol. basically Im coming to point where I get really really creative, as im off work i tend to spend alot of time thinking and becoming creative etc. And when Im in work week in week out its just a mind numbing experience of drumming a keyboard to get pay. But hey its job at the end of the day and not many people got jobs where they sit down all day, so I should be grateful.
Ive just read a brilliant book called the philosophy files which I borrowed from my cousin got loads of intresting facts in it about life, meaning of life, reality etc. Im not going to bore you with the texts but its a bit of eye opener for those of you who like a nice easy read.

Ive spent a hell of alot of time just entering and entering comps over and over and over, please let me win, hopefully I will win..............................
well have to go now may there be many more posting's see ya's

Monday, July 03, 2006

A Barby For Trouts

The latest weekend Ive experienced has meant alot to me, I actually produced a Barby-cue of fun for some of me Friends, and after being on edge due to kieran's little injury early on (Banged his head on the alcove in the living room, nothing major just had to get it checked out) I was on edge untill I heard the results of him being ok and so the night was on, and what a night it was, dont remember much only that I must have drunk a load. Tommy Trout awoke with half of debenhams make up dept plastered to face and glitter in his hair, must have been the highlight of the night to see him in that state, I was absolutely smashed with lafter.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pot belly's hate Treadmills

Ive now realised that when you work out alot you feel much better, I knew that before but not as much as I do now if you know what I mean. I can eventually see why people go for a jog or run now, before I thought it was a bit of joke to see people running in their little skimpy shorts looking mightly fucking dull but now I will be joining them becuase tommorow hopefully i will be obtaining a tread mill, with which hopefully I can get rid of this pot, I know a havent shut up about it. But it will be gone oh yes it will be gone. Ive noticed a little change in my body, what i am hoping is that maybe I will be able to remove this horrible double chin and dark eyes. Ive also noticed my head line is beggining to receed a little and thought how the hell am I going to look in a few years time. Dark under the eyes, fat pot belly, double chin, and to top it all off bald. On a lighter note my exeperience is more than what I can ask for in life, what ive achieved is much more than what I expected. You could say Im not rich in cash , but rich in company, I dont think will ever be alone.
I Love You all!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Bench Of Scenery

I now name a particular bench in town my bench of scenery because I always seem to end up on this special bench, and the scenery looking over castle gardens is a up most must
for many people visiting swansea, I always seem to be attracted to this bench whilst on my travels, I wonder why this bench is so special. Maybe its something to do with space time that I have to visit this bench in different states of ruined-ness, or maybe its trying to give me a insight into my future life of hanging out on park benches looking for food in bins, and traveling, or maybe just maybe its something beyond my

Monday, June 12, 2006

Fitness and Comping

Well, where the fuck to I start. I noticed that I have been feeling a lot better lately. I been continually hacking away at the fitness and noticed that im looking better. Not much, but enough for me too notice. Im going to keep at it and this god forsaken curse of tummy pot which Ive had most of my life will be gone forever (hopefully). Hoping to get a treadmill soon which im really really looking forward, Ive noticed today that my body is getting a little bored of the same usual routine of rowing machine, I need a little spice of fitness, and I think a treadmill would be just the ticket.

Ive noticed that my chum martin has done a blogg after all the critism he's made about bloggs being boring he goes and creates one for himself. I find his blogg very emotional and deep feeling take a look

Ive continued doing my comps, havent won nothing extremely big yet. but I suppose you have to be in it to win it, thats why ive joined a awesome website if ya into comping it shows loads and loads of comps that you can enter and keeps track of them

I just got to keep on entering and entering as many as I can and maybe just maybe I will hopfully win big this time round.
The mag which Is the mag I subscribe to is as follows

you should try it hopefully you will win something

Sunday, April 30, 2006

What a Weekend

Phew after much time, much much time of enjoyment whilst out on friday Ive realised what its like to have fun once again on a night out. What a good night out it was too I had one hell of laugh giggleing and jokeing all night. lol

Anyways I aint updated for a while so I thought I would give you viewers a little treat into what I thought was quite intresting. Upon recieving a email earlier I was hooked, reading it for more than 30 minutes.
Im going to tell u all about it before I bore you with the run up of what its about
its called brain bullet. The email I had, stated they wanted £30 for the software I decided Im not paying that and looked elsewhere for similar software and found it a 30 day trial thats more like it
Ive installed the software and have given it a go, just to see if it will change me a little and make things a little more intresting heres the link = self-help subliminals

Friday, April 14, 2006

Im going to publish this I dont care what anyone says.

One day, I had one of the biggest thoughts that has come across my mind ever. I thought and slowed down and actually questioned the mobid thought that some people dont even ponder to ask the question of one day actually you will be on your death bed, and you will be at that crucial point of where you will say goodbye to all and everything on the earth plane with your human eyes you will see for the last time your friends and relatives, you will and I will highlight this "YOU WILL CEASE TO EXIST IN THE EYES OF EARTH DWELLERS" I slowed this situation down and realised it too be quite emotional without doubt or realisation of it. I know that it is a long time to come and I should only think of the present, but just a quick little thought I will be at that point of my life where I would have to say goodbye to humanity and life what would you say what would you do, if and only if there was a right answer to what you had to say and do at that particular special meaningfull moment of your life where people you know and love, where they are going to give their upmost and painfull attention to you and your last dying words to have what you had to say. What would you say?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

GreenTea Overdose

Where do I Start from where I left off last, god it was a while ago I think. Lately In work Ive been drinking green tea by the bucket loads and have found that after one cup it gives you a sort nice sense of well being but after 10 cups its a different story, can u imagine having something as powerful as that, that is legal to buy in supermarkets, Ive found to be quite a mind blowing stimulant, it does infact affect you in different ways if you can adapt to the taste like I have. its not blow you away stuff, but its day to day tea thats not alchol and you can drink it in work, it does infact after 6 cups or more make you mindless and not give a shit about anything, e.g. you would sit there and forget about something you were worrying about in the first place but then think what the hell I cant remember so I will sit here and just look intelligent. To think you can over antiditox yourself to have adverse side affects cool innit, try and drink about six cups all one after each other taking your mind off them then sit back and tell me if you think you feel a little different .

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The net is my Oyster

I went to use my lovely little laptop the other day and found out that it wasnt charging due to the charger being on strike, and yes you guessed its nackered, I was gutted my saturday night came crashing down around me, no computer, no internet, no sky television (disconnected- forgot to pay expensive bill earlier in the month),so there was the bog standard box in front of me , I watched stars in there eyes and thought oh my god im dying my computer has died and so is my brain, its going lifeless due to lack of things to look forward too, and it did, all day sunday I was in a complete daze, but then my mother came to the rescue and lent me her lovely laptop (extreeeemely lovely), and so with this lovely widescreen sony vaio 3.06 ghz, 128 graphics ati card, 40gb hard drive, I shall blitz the net and games world that has been waiting for me for such a long long long time. Finally I can multi task without error messages being in my eyes, due to lack of performance from my age old chugger laptop, (bloody thing- dying on me, ill never forgive it). And so has time goes on and I get solemly attached to this fine laptop my mother has donated ( or Maybe given!) a great glare of kindness lights up my heart, cheers mam its a fine laptop (hope you dont read my blogg. lo0lolololol) its mine all mine, the power is mine, I can play games of all venya, whilst in the mobility of my own home

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Deep sea or Sea Skimmer

Ive spent much of today working out What can make me happy whilst working (keying). Ive found that when I type (key) My mind often wonders like mad thinking of different things maybe a hundred million ideas at once, I have tried to jot them down, but they either get lost or when I go back to them they dont make any sense at all. I would agree with any one looking back at myself that I am in fact a serious deep thinker, unfortunately this is a problem I have had most of my life. e.g. When I think or look at an object I like to look into it = like where did it come from, whats its story, how did it come about, what if you had another just like it and performed a few experiments on it to see how it turns out, what do other people think of it, the amount of question's you can place on one single object are astronomical, but then you have people who think differently, e.g. you place a apple in front of them and ask them to tell you as much as you can by looking through every aspect of the apple, they would in fact look back at you puzzled as too what the hell are you going on about, and these people in fact are through my eyes are sea skimmers, not willing to go any deeper into the ocean of life, happy to plod along with the comforts of new clothes, shopping, football, haircuts, etc etc. Whilst not asking one little question of how they got here or anything.

Then you got your mid sea swimmers who are happy to delve a little into what they know but not willing to go a little deeper to the fact of there being that little something beyond what they are looking at.

And last but not least the deep sea divers who are in fact bursting with conversation about every aspect of philosophy, technology and science etc. When two deep sea divers are placed in the same room, the conversations could turn out non stop and ultimately amazing. (e.g. Einstein and his group of theoroatrical physists)

There are in fact many different swimmers in the ocean of life, only a few are deep, and I suppose alot are skimmers, the only way im going to split most of the deep sea with the skimmers is, as an example would be what i've wrote here for a start, whoever I find Coming back to me asking me what the hell am I going on about in this entry, then I know for a fact that they are sea skimmers and not potential deep sea divers, due to there lack of intension of not thinking deep about the possibilities of certain peoples minds and taking in my entry

I hope you all understand, I will in fact look deeper into my thoery of the way certain minds work and how deep can a shallow mind go, now thinking about it that would be a challenge. To turn a sea skimmer into a deep thinker (I wonder if it would take a mid life crisis or something for them to actually realise the possibillities of questions and the deep thought of life.)

I suppose the possibilties are endless on this subject I mean how deep can the mind go, how long is a piece of string. But I do know one thing though no matter how much abuse your mind takes, You will in fact always be in control of it untill the very end............( without illness)

Friday, March 17, 2006

When ya tired and need a little boost

After a long day towards the end of the night when I want to create a entry in my blog I am normally a bit too tired and can't be bothered. My mind just wants to sleep. Im awfully tired my eyes are burning. The last thing on your mind is too once again stare at a screen. Its a bit off putting when my job consists of staring at a screen all day. I have just found the saviour to my problem on the way to taking hayls to work I popped into my local shop to get some lockets for my sore throat which I suffered really bad last night with. (It was a sheer nightmare to try and get some sleep lastnight.) Well aparantely I was absouletely shocked to find that they gave me one hell of a energy boost, I thought what the hell is going on, awesome I thought, Im not going to feel so tired now and low and behold it has worked wonders for my sore throat and has given me a shit hot sugar boost, so I think I will be eating them on a regular now, not that I am so keen on them but in the healthy long run they're Grreeeat!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Common Clockface slows time on Sunday

I have spent the last few hours lazing about the house, well i've made a spectacular sunday dinner which I thought I started a little too early but the timing was ok, it was acurately amazing as I and the animals were eating by 12.30. Nice to have a real family meal which turned out perfect, I suppose I have got a knack for shit hot cooking. Its all in the knowledge of passed down perfection from my ancestors and stuff, lol. Apart from that I havent done much just cleaned a little, balled and shouted at the kids for trashing our home, I was chuft to see changing one of the channels that France has beat england in the Rugby. I then turned the channel over to find back to the future being shown on the box, which is a must to watch for any fan, even though I have seen it about 500 times its still amazing through my eyes. The trouble is once you have seen it that many times you dont follow the story as much but tend to look for the smallest little mistakes, but it still from this day on gives me that little tingling feeling in my spine when the best bits come on (e.g. the bit with the electricity bolt, where the the doc has to zip down the cable and save marty by connecting the plugs). It did get me thinking a little of the aspect of time being measured by a clock face, can u imagine if time was not measured by the twelve hour clock face which we take for granted for each ache-ing minute of our life. If it was measured by any other means, like some unformal unfimiliar device, would we think, look and realise the same profound nature of time in the same sort of feeling as we do for common clock face.

Birthday's Gone By

I did not mention on my blogg, it was my son and daughters birthday just gone, the little boy kieran was on the 31st of jan and the little girl caitlynne is on 1st of march (she's proper Welsh, real Welsh lol), heres some pics

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A little of My Philosophy which cooked up Today

Just a tinsy little bit of My philisophy which I cooked up today :

Reality is Accepted As Our Prime Option in the Search of New Life, Visions are decided though its Crisp and Clear Reception, Feeling's are Mutual in the Real World. This is more that what we can ask from Creation.

It sounds O.K. doesn't it

Monday, March 06, 2006

De Olde Bloggs

I thought I would show off a few of the oldie bloggs that I have created, Im sorry to all those providers I have Used and abused but I suppose in my eyes blogger is the best so far.....maybe I will be with for a long time to come.

I did also have a blogg with Martin a mate of mine, good site shame he at to take it offline, I would show you what it used to look like but I aint got anywhere to host it nevermind I will update all my past entries and comments to this site so hopefully I will loose nothing. This site is going to hold the history of my life bloggin in archives its going to be a long painfull process but I will try my best to carry it out and not get bored.

oh and also a little feature, I thought it would be nice to show the Mrs is Blogg. Unfortunately she gave up due to not having much time on her hands and loss of interest, its a shame because it was such an amazing blogg I could not get over the response we use to have from the readers due to it being so different, 2 years on and I asked her if she would carry on with it, she replied no point. Which is a damn shame.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Back to the Future re-lives

Back to future came to life for me today as stumbled across this amazing video produced by some boy who is a big fan, he posted it on which is in fact a good site for uploading film footage, another amazing idea to go with the rest of them on the internet. I thought it was amazing, maybe you will too once you have a sample of it

I thought it was truly amazing for some one to put together something as awesome as that, it really did give me that tigling feeling you get when you are a kid watching something truly spectacular.

A browse For Funny stuff

I spent a little time on the internet a found a few funny things which I thought were extremely funny, maybe you would too. Take a look

The Flying Car (I was laughing for ages after I saw this)

Memoirs of Geisha (I cant wait to see it, it looks really good ha ha ha ha)

The Real Simpsons (it seemed really odd watching this)

These amused me a hell of lot, lol

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A New Hope For Mail

As a little treat I thought I would start doing my competition's again, my mag used to come once a month, I gave them up for a while due to there not being enough funds in my account at the time of paying them, so months on I heard nothing from them untill this morning. They were offering three months of free mags, a offer I could not refuse. So I jumped to it and sent them My bank details this time It will come out on pay day and not towards the end of the month. I cant wait to start doing my competition's again. I know it was a little sad hobby I had But it gave me hope in that great crusade in paying those damn bills which come through the letter box from time to time, It would be nice to experience something a little different coming thorough that dreaded hole in the door, A new hope for mail.

Out for the Count With Flu

Thursday in Work I heard that there was a lot of Flu going around, I thought to myself ah ill never catch it. I drink to much green tea, eat to much fruit etc. guess again Ive been in bed all this week end drugged up to the eyeballs with sudafed, flu plus annadin extra, Ive just managed to peel myself from bed to write this little entry, my eye's practically streaming and hurting at the moment, Im suffering bad, I dont know whether I will be better by monday for work it seems to bad to do anything, suppose I have to visit the doc monday morning see if he can give me some antibiotics or something, I HATE BEING ILL AHHHHHHH BLOODY FLU

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

ASDA trekking

I had a little visit to ASDA last night and had a quick browse in the my favorite mag bbc's Focus. Much to my supprise I noticed a review on a game called legend of mir 3, well not a review has such but a bit of tradgic news for the outcome of one particular occurance. It seems there was a story about a boy in japan who in fact had a little cufuffle with one of his mates about a item that he was not suppose to sell, a knife of some sort which appears to be in the game, which was very rare to game players.

As he was not happy with the results he had from the local police station it all ended in bloodshed, he was suppose to have took the matter into his own hands and stabbed his mate in real life. This has shocked me, knowing that someone would go through the length of killing someone over something that does not exist. I did now know that Fantasy could over come Reality, but in this case it has been proven wrong. I could not imagine for one second how the court case went, The big question is how do they exhibit this piece of evidence (legend of mir 3 sword) which does not exist.

I think that this focus magazine is a shit hot read for people like me who are deep minded, into science, discoveries, inventions, gadgets, Computers, and nature. I for the love me always find it a good read everytime I pick it up, I never find it diss-intresting.

I then went on to read about how computers and the net is affecting peoples lifes. The net is turning into a VR sort of scene of people taking it to the extreme of it being like another life of where you buy and sell land, own possesion's, have jobs, talk to people etc etc (the list goes on)

These are a few sites

Sunday, February 26, 2006


New beginnigs, A new Blogg, a new page has been Turned

So my Lovely people what do you think of the New blog, maybe people will be able to leave a comment now hopefully, Very painfull the last server provider was, hearing that loads of people wanted to leave comments and they could'nt due to it being crap, so let me know what you think of this so far by leaving a nice juicy friendly comment (cheers! :))

Saturday, February 25, 2006

LunchTime Addictions


For the past couple of months I have been tempted to play a little sport every lunch time, I know for people who Know me it doesnt sound like me to be into sport but I suppose it all boils down to a little bit of snookerage supplied by the great young member Oliver. The past couple of sessions have been a real pain in the arse as we have been playing tremendously shit, It seems as if the yellow ball likes to stay and play, it seems to hate the depths of the dark pocket. The picture shows how maddness sets in, as you can see from the expression on young oliver's face it seems to have taken over his mind

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Body Sleeps Whilst the Mind Demands much more

After much time I have realised that whilst in work, keying I come up with the most genuis ideas etc, maybe its boredom or just plain stupidity but I know one thing I dont stop I keep going and going. My mind doesnt get tired but my body does, its a dying shame that my body cant keep up with my minds desire to solve problems, with overcoming theories of the mind, space, science, and philosophy. I will try to keep my blogg updated to the best of my ability. I suppose I have millions upon millions of mindless things going through my head so I think it is about time I jot it down once and for all on a blog. I shall try to keep it interesting and to the best of my ability .

Friday, February 17, 2006

Our Household (Pain) Pet, Monty

The Mont!

This cat is exactly like garfield, he is a devious little shit who will go at any length for food, I don't know if he likes lasgne, (never tried him on it ) he will eat just about anything thats nice and cooked. He is the sort of cat who would actually wolf down his food, to actually come and annoy you when your eating yours. It was funny this afternoon watching him screaming by the window while I was cutting up a lovely ham on the bone, it was freshly cooked from morrisons (it was delicious), I did give him a little when he came in but not much, it was too nice to waste on him

He is in fact the most lazy cat I have ever known, who has walked this earth, he goes in our bloody flowerbed to take a shit (I'm dreading that flowerbed in the summer) then comes back to the front door and screams and scratches to be let back in after being out for 2 mins
He sleeps all day, moans for food, and shits on our flowerbed. That in a nutshell, is in fact my cats life.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Week off day 4 (sorry no other days only day 4)

Although it is my week off to relax I feel as if ive worked more at home than what I would at work, not saying I dont do nothing at work, but my work at work involves a lot more mental tiredness rather than physical. So all this week Ive been relaxing with intervals of putting clothes away washing, helping out with the kids being ill, I had more than my fair share, washing dishes etc etc (I suppose I cant help it I dont like clutter, unless im tired and I can't clean )
with every thing fine and dandy at the moment though, its just nice. I found a home for nearly every little thing hanging about the house. Even the kids bikes have found a new home in the cuboard.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Old week off work

Well Im on my second day of my week off work, it feels kind of odd, I think the reason is that im not used to haveing time to myself out of work. I wonder if its like that for most people who retire. They work all their life only to be told go home ya not needed anymore your too old, I bet the consequences are astrinomical for that particaular old person. The beginning of a senior journey, oap's heaven. I often think I'll be that person giving the knowledge of experience to the new starters who are young and fresh from the field. But then again its nearly a lifetime away, well only 70 odd Christmases. old age I suppose is quite cool in a way = you get a licence to moan over the smallest little things, you get to be arrogant to people and get away it, ignore people and blame that your hard of hearing, make people on public transport feel bad and give up their seat for you, free tv licence for 75 and over, 20% discount in most diy stores, jump ques cause you pretent you cant stand as long, spoil your grandchildren rotten with sweets and laugh as your son or daughter is taking shit from them because they are high on candy, drive slow, park wherever it pleases you, etc etc Well I got it all to come. dont worry youll have your turn hee hee

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)