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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lots of Brain ache to go round after daze Dimension

Do you know the odd thing about work is the fact that no matter how hard the application is I am keying I still go into a daze of daydreaming as if im not there at all, Im carrying out the usual duty's of keying, driving and even shopping but Im still in that horrible daze dimension where you are in a totally different world. The only way I can snap out of it sometimes is if someone comes upto me and talkes of something im really intrested in. This usually happens everyday around the hours of 1 untill 4 afternoon (odd indeed). In the morning I tend to have a couple of green teas then after this I become my churpy self, Full of confidence happy, willing to talk to anyone about anything etc, I would absoulutely love to be like that all the time, but it seems that the monitors drain your every life of breath from you after about 2 hours of so. Ive found that many other people feel like this after spending this amount of time observing screens (sounds like a little experiment to me). Maybe its something to do with the new tft flat screens that are out, or the fact that we are seated all day and its not natural to stay seated for such a long time. Maybe in time evolution will design us to cope with the capabilities of spending so much time in front of computer screens. Can you imagine what we would like. We would have large heads to store more data, large eyes to take in large amounts of data, special fingers to key faster (if keyboards are still around)no hair, no finger nails (not needed). Basically we would look a little like a (Grey) Alien, mmm maybe just maybe it is us in the future.

Ive had a horrible head on today towards the end of work due to too much thinking (much too much thinking in that little place I like to call daze Dimension). I think its due to the fact I like the well being you get from green tea. I think Ive totally abused the detox issues towards it, at this rate I think Im going to live until im 160 with the amount I drink if its true about preserving your body.
Im thinking it must have the same qualities of omega 3 or something like it because your thinking of wisdom is unbelievable (no wonder the ancient Chinese you used to drink it).

On my last note I would like to tell you that (Mark, work colleague and good friend) as started a blogg called weird and wonderfull and after reading the third entry I have laughed my tits off at his Wife's Entry. here it is
I like the fact that she's been completely blunt and described Mark to a 'T' and not caring about what the hell he has to say about it. Maybe he will make a come back 'Whahey Blog Wars!'

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Eyeball Lifts And Personal Toilets

I've spent most of today sitting next to Martin in work, we didn't come up for air as we talked and talked about random s*** with me changing the subject every now and again (with which I have found that Im good at) we talked about whats going to happen friday on his 21st birthday. I hope we havent planned it too much but the first port of call is bowling then into town via tequila bar (I dont give a shit after da lovely tequila bar, cause I wont know what day it is) then into the absent minded town.
Is desk was filled with balloons and pink banners which he removed most gutted :(
never mind.

As you can read what im writing right know that im really really tired but ya dont give a sh** because you like to be entertained with endless entries. I would just like to say that I actually enjoyed my lesson on GCSE psychology alot tonight. I always seem to make a dick of myself when mentioning things, but tonight it was a little more bland than last weeks toilet humour of how men have lots of personal space in lavatories very intresting but I wont go into detail of what happened. This week I was proud to have conducted a test on personal space for the tutor of getting into a lift full of crowded people that I didnt know and not turning to face the door but to stay eye to eye face to face with the the strangers and envade their personal space the results showed that people tend to look down in embarrisement. Strange aint it, why be embarrised. Maybe its a automatic reaction tucked away in the psychological human mind when someone Invades someone else's personal space in a confined place. Also I went on to mention that people tend to copy other people when in a lift and not knowing they are doing it. e.g. A bit like a yawn, you have to copy, you cant resist when ya tired. It must be the bordom of waiting and being in the very close company of others.

Oh ive found a way to keep myself awake more when Im on the internet, its not a miraculous miracle but, MUSIC keeps ya awake a lot longer. So im listening to a really good radio station I have found and heres the link.
Go here
and click on 80's Reload (absoulutely awesome)
Right Ive talked loads of Stuff, Maybe its intresting maybe its not let me know leave a comment my fellow friends and tell me what you think...... see yas

Magical Bike Ride

Only just recently in work I found that there rumours buzzing around on a so called internet video of a funny incident with two stone heads taking a bike ride in the country side. Martin came over just before lunch on the 14th and showed me the video on his phone. I burst with complete and utter laughter, it must be the most funniest thing I have seen in a long time and here it is.......

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Walking the Doggy

I have recently found a new lease of life, considering I had a brief conversation in work with my Mate Martin a few months back about a litter of puppys free to a good home. History was making a step for itself as I mentioned it to the Mrs, She replied Yes we have to have a puppy (I was thinking at the time that this might have been a wrong move I shouldnt have opened my gob) and so the boss has spoken and a new member as entered the household, Noodles the Dog.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Catching up on good moments

I got loads to write about and catch up on but im going to cut this whole thing clean and maybe short, I Was shocked to read that Chris Elphick the pigs lip found a site on a complete review of swansea Bloggs and mine was mentioned in it, Considering I dont post much I was shocked to here that someone would write a review on my site, well im going to show much compassion towards my Online Diary and try to keep the language down to a minimum for younger viewers ( Please post me if I swear) here is the review

I have experienced a hell of lot of foolish and unpridictable things the past month Ive started reading a book called the 7 habits of highly effective people with which I have read the first section and im still waiting for the next bit from my mate martin. Who unpredictable wipped it away and from my naked eyes and told me bit by bit my good friend and you will learn. Ok its been a while now and I would love to read more. But I suppose the suspense will make me want to read it more and more. (Just like a child with the build up of christmas in mind). I could buy it and cheat the whole thing but im willing to wait and still ponder over the first section.
Good things come to those who wait.

As fitness goes I have been ill through the month of september and found that I became a little deppressed coming off the antibiotics but the good thing is It gave me time to think and find myself. In those pain staking 3 weeks of coughing and splutering and not being able to smell taste or hear anything I found that I became much more the person I want to be without the robotic feel of life knocking on my head ( if you know what I mean, I hope you do) I didnt know that there was a person like that inside of me. The only problem was that I was starting to worry about new things, rather than work which I would worry about in that time of the day. Everything has gone back to normal now though. I am going to get back into running on the treadmill and ive found that taking the dog for a walk can be exciting rather than a choir which most people seem to think it is. I have found it to be relief as the exciting area i live in has a woodland. Im overwhelmed and exciting to find such a place to enjoy right on my doorstep if I didnt have a dog I would have never found this sacred woodland :) brilliant, pictures and more to follow on my adventures with 'One man and his dog in the sacred woodland'........

I thought that my education was going out the window and cosidering my head is in overdrive with thinking about life and stuff etc I thought I would take a little course which was advertised in the local rag, yes It is GCSE psychology I thought I must do it or I will shoot myself in the foot thinkin about where it would have lead too if I missed the opportunity.
Im enjoying and there will be more to follow about the experience of the mature school boy......

I was shocked recently to find my mate Chrisy was in to hospital with appenticitus. His farther phoned me with the news and I went down the hospital the next day to visit him, it was a experience seeing my mate I grew up with in the hospital bed next to me. I knew I shouldnt have shook him to wake him up, nowonder he looked so bad he had just had his opp.. (whoops)

and recently I had a night out with my chummy mate Martin who in fairness had good recollection of the night considering we drunk a sh** load of drink With absinth being one of the little beauties. I enjoyed

Oh im looking towards buying a new house for the first time too but I wont go into detail at this point due to the unexpedency of the situation.....

Well thanks for reading this long and boring entry, But I suppose its good to catch sometimes

see ya's

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