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Sunday, February 26, 2006


New beginnigs, A new Blogg, a new page has been Turned

So my Lovely people what do you think of the New blog, maybe people will be able to leave a comment now hopefully, Very painfull the last server provider was, hearing that loads of people wanted to leave comments and they could'nt due to it being crap, so let me know what you think of this so far by leaving a nice juicy friendly comment (cheers! :))

Saturday, February 25, 2006

LunchTime Addictions


For the past couple of months I have been tempted to play a little sport every lunch time, I know for people who Know me it doesnt sound like me to be into sport but I suppose it all boils down to a little bit of snookerage supplied by the great young member Oliver. The past couple of sessions have been a real pain in the arse as we have been playing tremendously shit, It seems as if the yellow ball likes to stay and play, it seems to hate the depths of the dark pocket. The picture shows how maddness sets in, as you can see from the expression on young oliver's face it seems to have taken over his mind

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Body Sleeps Whilst the Mind Demands much more

After much time I have realised that whilst in work, keying I come up with the most genuis ideas etc, maybe its boredom or just plain stupidity but I know one thing I dont stop I keep going and going. My mind doesnt get tired but my body does, its a dying shame that my body cant keep up with my minds desire to solve problems, with overcoming theories of the mind, space, science, and philosophy. I will try to keep my blogg updated to the best of my ability. I suppose I have millions upon millions of mindless things going through my head so I think it is about time I jot it down once and for all on a blog. I shall try to keep it interesting and to the best of my ability .

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Friday, February 17, 2006

Our Household (Pain) Pet, Monty

The Mont!

This cat is exactly like garfield, he is a devious little shit who will go at any length for food, I don't know if he likes lasgne, (never tried him on it ) he will eat just about anything thats nice and cooked. He is the sort of cat who would actually wolf down his food, to actually come and annoy you when your eating yours. It was funny this afternoon watching him screaming by the window while I was cutting up a lovely ham on the bone, it was freshly cooked from morrisons (it was delicious), I did give him a little when he came in but not much, it was too nice to waste on him

He is in fact the most lazy cat I have ever known, who has walked this earth, he goes in our bloody flowerbed to take a shit (I'm dreading that flowerbed in the summer) then comes back to the front door and screams and scratches to be let back in after being out for 2 mins
He sleeps all day, moans for food, and shits on our flowerbed. That in a nutshell, is in fact my cats life.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Week off day 4 (sorry no other days only day 4)

Although it is my week off to relax I feel as if ive worked more at home than what I would at work, not saying I dont do nothing at work, but my work at work involves a lot more mental tiredness rather than physical. So all this week Ive been relaxing with intervals of putting clothes away washing, helping out with the kids being ill, I had more than my fair share, washing dishes etc etc (I suppose I cant help it I dont like clutter, unless im tired and I can't clean )
with every thing fine and dandy at the moment though, its just nice. I found a home for nearly every little thing hanging about the house. Even the kids bikes have found a new home in the cuboard.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Old week off work

Well Im on my second day of my week off work, it feels kind of odd, I think the reason is that im not used to haveing time to myself out of work. I wonder if its like that for most people who retire. They work all their life only to be told go home ya not needed anymore your too old, I bet the consequences are astrinomical for that particaular old person. The beginning of a senior journey, oap's heaven. I often think I'll be that person giving the knowledge of experience to the new starters who are young and fresh from the field. But then again its nearly a lifetime away, well only 70 odd Christmases. old age I suppose is quite cool in a way = you get a licence to moan over the smallest little things, you get to be arrogant to people and get away it, ignore people and blame that your hard of hearing, make people on public transport feel bad and give up their seat for you, free tv licence for 75 and over, 20% discount in most diy stores, jump ques cause you pretent you cant stand as long, spoil your grandchildren rotten with sweets and laugh as your son or daughter is taking shit from them because they are high on candy, drive slow, park wherever it pleases you, etc etc Well I got it all to come. dont worry youll have your turn hee hee

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