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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Bike Ride

Me and hayls decided it was time to give the sibling's a taste of the real world of excercise. Mwa hahahahaha. And how painfull it was for their little legs, caitlynne who peddled like mad when she knew the reward was ice cream after the long stretch of clyne park walkway, but then soon after knowing she had to peddle back with no reward. She decided her legs were hurting just too much and stoped every two seconds on the way back repeatly saying the famous words of ' My legs are hurting' I halted so many times that I felt my arms were hurting more than my legs, which is a little unsual considering we were on a bike ride, anyways heres some lovely photo's of painfull event of starting and stoping.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sunday Outing 22nd

Last Sunday We went out on a family venture (Since hayls has opt in to have sunday's off from work, we have decided it is to be family outing day) First We went down to the Gower heritage centre in swansea then to the marina, waterfront museum then A nice joes ice cream then home... it went quite well......

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Im Back from the television world

After spending much time away from my pc due to my internet being down for a week I feel as if I have changed a hell of alot, cant understand how. It seems I was damned to the world of television everynight. It seemed a bit of pain in the arse at first but then it all came quite clear I was once again laughing at the tv screen, Havent done that in a while. But now it seems much much better to be back with my old trusty internet. I backed up all my pictures, music and footage on a bargain of a external hardrive I had from pc world for 59 quid for two hundred and fifty gb. brilliant. Backed it all up and reset the lot only to get it all working again. yipee, I did at one point get a little desprate and try to ring virgin (ntl) for help but it seemed as if I was only going around in circles trying to explain my name to some foreigner before the helping part began (Pakistan- I think the call centre was in). Finally I would just like to say I will be posting lots of pictures in my gallery and lots of stories for the main homepage. See ya's

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)