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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Droid of thought

Ive spent most of my day chatting. Feeling a little more human than the other day, when im working on the computer its either be quiet and feel like a droid or chat away and (not knowing what the hell you are keying) but feel more than human by chatting your way to the finish line (end of day). Had a deep thought earlier whilst I was washing my hands in the bog I thought about what I read about the night before in my psychology text book im currently studying. Talking about memory you can access thoughts of experience from long term memory then I thought imagine you could recall future events as well as recalling memory from past events. confusing i know, but if the future is written then we would somehow want to change it and make it better but if we could recall future events from memory (premination) then we would not be able to deal with the fact that its going to happen, but we dont know where and when just like a past memory e.g. buying a can coke last week from machine you didnt know the exact time and date but you briefly remember buying a can of coke. So in the near future if we could pinpoint future preminations then it would be of the flash back memory nature no matter what, reason being you cannot pin point a time and date to memory, so Im guessing that this would be the same for preminations..... just guessing. So not knowing what Nostradamus used to predict is visions of future events then he must have decided that he could not actually pin point a time and place, they must have been shown as future events with which he guessed a time line of possibility, like a marker e.g. time marker. Just like on a map where you use a marker (tree, monument or building) to find your point of location, then he must have used time markers to set a point in existence to the time he was observing just like noticing a flying machine then a car must be later on in time, to a horse pulling a carriage which would of course would be earlier, other markers showing different time scales and all, like wars etc. It must have been a large overwhelming guessing game for him.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lets skip Christmas and Get a Sale (having a moan)

So the question is on everybody's lips is what the bloody hell happens after christmas, Well what tends to happen is for a start we are all bloody well skint beyond our wildest dreams. And so the dreaded January Dawns upon us (nowone talks of the lovely january, when Christmas is on the Doorstep ) well january is so depressing after the hype of Christmas everybody is moaning over the january sales, with the shops rubbing in our face the fact that they sold us something before Christmas twice as much as what it is then, so its just so fuck$%^ pityfull when you have no money to buy the things you want after christmas which are less than half the price, we all rush out boxing day to find that there is nothing at all left on the shelves then you wonder to yourself where the hell have people found the money to buy sale items after christmas. As you know by now only the rich can buy after Christmas. Whenever you here someone saying they are going to have a traditional christmas then you know that theyre a inchy meiser (tight bas£$%£) and theyve got wait for the sales written all over their faces ( if only Christmas was in January - you would have twice as much). But I suppose we must make the most of it we only get around 70 odd in a lifetime, that like 70 odd boxing day sales. lol (another way of looking at it)

Monday, November 13, 2006

No Green but lots of festive spirit.

Today I was feeling a little down in the morning and not my usual self due to my lack of green tea ( forgot the bloody bags - I wont forget them tomoz in a hurry ). I got usual moan from the odd clerk from leftovers not being done from support on friday, I wont go into detail. I dont know what was wrong with me but I seemed to be far away when people are talking to me ( I dont know what the hell is wrong with me- cant work it out) maybe its boredom from life. I sometimes feel as if I want to do something different and outrageous ( like a extreme sport) just to feel that little spark of life in the cockles of my heart once again. I kept quiet all day today and just had people come up to me and ask why I was so quiet, well sometimes its a good thing to listen to people and observe what's going on around you before blabbing your opinions which other people may not want to listen to. I get days like this and have learnt a lot from it. I am not a loud mouth all the time sometimes I can be as silent as a mouse, this shows that im listening as well speaking, which is a good thing.
The usual day happned today just keying a little more keying, was thinking earlier its only a matter of time before machines are going to replace us, I was looking at the forms we key and noticed some of the form have boxes on the them where the ticks are just like a lottery ticket and what reads this yes youve guessed it a machine, so it looks as if my work colleagues wont be as cosy as they think they are, I know its going to happen the next five years or so I got a funny feeling about it. I left work at around 4.35pm

I got home to my family thinking at was going to be mayhem, but as I entered the door every thing seemed perfect.... nice and perfect, I love days like that. It was lovely the tree lights were on, from where hayls put them up days before. She put them up early I know but hayls has this fasination of having to be the first to put the lights up in the culdesack (street) and so she has succeeded in her little competition lol. Heres a picture of this years early tree......
and the nativety at the bottom which the kids love to play with and break unfortunately

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blurry Nights of fun ( Marcus Polius 21st)

Friday Night (3rd Nov) must have been one of the best nights out I have had in a long time. Trying to remember it, is like trying to get that last bit of ice-cream from the bottom of the tub with a large spoon, with which you will never taste that delicious cream of ice untill someone comes along in work and fills you in with all the bits you could not remember like someone giving you a small spoon for the delicious bits, The delicious bits being the flash backs of course with extras. Yeah thank god for Andrew (Sharky) and his powerful memory we were to complete most of the night. Marcus Polius the tit Meister (he got a big tit and he like's to show it. And well done to him he done his bit for his country by showin his big brown tit
and so The night was young as we started our long mission, with a nice hot chocolate in Monkey bar mmmmmm Chocolate ( I know what ya thinking yer a bit strange for a night out hot choco, but at the end of the day it was gorgeous and lovely, what a change.
I met martin whilst on my way to monkey bar, where the adventure began after a brief hot choco, everyone turned up even The legendary Mr Barrow who has just left us So it was little bit of a double celebration. After a little bit of drink in monkey I was getting heated up for the lovely Bermuda Triangle (ahh the Joy).
we were on our way down there, just about to enter there when Bovril decided to take control of the group last minute and for some bizarre reason to take us to boring Bank Statement, At this point I was feeling a little pissed off as The conversation that were happening around the table were that of promotional nature about boring work (the last thing you want to talk about when ya out is work)
So I SPONTANOUSLY went to the bar and got a round of lovely tequila, where everyone all of a sudden knew everything about lemons and salt, I ate the lemon and downed the tequila and before you knew it I felt a little better of my daily dose of what the doctor ordered. It was then on to the Bermuda Triangle yay!!! Where the Dreams happen and fun begins and so, the so called Death Tequila was sampled By Mr Barrow and myself (tasted like pure hot Crap) errrrr!!!
Then I bought a round of the lovely stuff which was going to change the night Well After that PHEW!!!
Aparently sources tell me that there was Lot going on when we proceeded to the bar next door (Sa1) A sex on the Beach was ordered after convincing Mr Barrow it was lovely, ( well I took the gamble as he was threatning me how beyond its going to be if it doesnt taste nice, but before you know it loads of people were giving me loads of orange paper and so I traded them in for the lovely refreshing stuff at one point we were supposed to have had one jug each.)
We then Decided to move on to chicago rock for a lovely little dance
( where we found lots of lovely tunes.) Martin found a lovely Cue Rope (fetish) which he inherited from somewhere he was getting quite attached to it untill the bouncer Confiscated it. He was really dissapointed I wonder who grassed him up the bas****$, If I ever meet the person who grassed Ill kill them.
After Martin had a Refreshing Head flush in Bogs it was onward To the Outrageous Flares, Where on the lovely Magical joyfull journey I went picking some fresh roses from the church outside the quadrant, For the Famous Mr Barrow, Then there was a sudden bang as martin nearly had his way with little woods window, it was almost a smash n Grab I think he was a little upset due to the withdrawl symtoms of loosing his little momentum (arrrrr he's never had a Navy one, poor guy) yay!!! onwards by now im pisssed as fart nearly falling down potholes and shit, we arrived at flares with which I cant remeber much (blurrr) I know we were dancing and dancing and Mr Barrow refused to dance as he was saying about some girl on the dance floor who has been on the sick for ages and has a sick record as long as his arm!! hee hee. Never mind Mr Barrow She might not remember monday morning when She has her nasty stage 2 displinary from you. And so he came round and we danced and danced and danced then ammmmm then ammmmmm Phew!!hard to remember mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Food
Curry and chips and a large sausage in batter I think mr Barrow had the same The orders were all wrong but we couldnt be arsed to argue, just to be gratefull and eat like we have never eaten before and wasnt it a nice meal.
We caught a Sparkling White Taxi across the road (which I never catch because theyre always too expensive - but what the hell we were With mr barrow - yeah ) the money was flowing out of Mr Barrow's pockets as he gave me A (What!) fiver lol. Remember last time ,oh yeah he payed the expensive taxi last time, damn he remembered and so I was lumbered with most of the taxi fayre. But The Taxi man was a lovely man, Well he had to be to put a bunch Absinth heads at the back of cabby. We were tempted to get Mrs Barrow up to cook us a lovely hearty breakfast but dissopointetely MR Barrow objected He replied " no you bloody wont". It then dawned on me why martin told me to take my earing's out before flares, And so the truth was revealed has he gave me one hell of clout in the taxi, we were brawling and in the back of the cab, Must have give the taximan a mighty fine tip as his cheesy grin was enourmous, we were in someones drive just brawling and wrestling when a light came on we ran for our dear lifes as we heard a dog barking, we didnt give up clouting each other, I used My advanced neaderthal Knowledge and picked meself a mighty fine twig and so the little sparrow martin was arsed spanked all the way down the fuck*** street hee hee never laughed so much But he had his own back when we got back and took this lovely family photo of me taking a shit (the Fuck"*& BAstar$)

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)