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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Was thinking this morning you know when a person is told something about in the past and completely forgets about it, even to the fact that nothing at all can bring it to light. And then finally the one thing like a dream or surroundings bring it back to the memory, where does it go all them years. It must be supressed or stored somewhere subconciously in the brain until the course of time whenit is needed then it is realeased into reality for the given task ahead. I'm thinking there must be a hell of a lot of information supressed somewhere in all of our brains that we can't access at the given time. Maybe its a super information psychic highway that connot be accessed consiously all in one go (we only have one computer screen, e.g. one dimension of thought), only when it is needed and rediley availible it will be released into reality. In the meantime the subconsious protects all these thoughts not for them to come flooding through and give us a brain overload (e.g. like tying to watch 26 channels on a single television screen).

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