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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Bitcoin Beginnings

As I have gone through nearly everysite on bitcoin's, plus altcoins I have seen that it is hard for people to comprehend at the moment that of what it is here is a very very very very basic site on what they are and how to use them, you can go deeper into the rabbit hole if you like and become very wealthy or you can just chill and let the revelution take hold of currency Either way this website is as easy to take in as 4 year can use a ipad P.S. A LOVELY INTRODUCTION TO BITCOIN IN BITCOIN WE TRUST :-) :-) IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO POP A TINSY WINSY BITTY'S IN A JAR FOR ME AND SEND THEM TO ME AT THESE ADDRESSES BE MUCH APPRECIATED BITCOIN = 1HVgmvcHZJaW82rsL2B4r3SPtoAE54ymLy WILL ACCEPT ANYOTHER COIN TOO THANKS LOVELY PEOPLE OF THE WORLD

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