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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yes lol

After seeing a film that was very genius and inspirational, i remembered one quote from it that i will always love 'life is one big playground and somewhere along the way we forget' p.s im not going 2 say yes 2 everything lol, but there will b more yes's than no's lol

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cheeky bird

I look out of my aunties window this morning 2 find a bird threatening shit on my car. What a rare site indeed, normally u just find the evidence, but 2 catch him red handed is a treat. Lol

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Now thereS a gutner!

and so the story goes on and on and on, theres good things in life and bad things but its only up to the persons perspective on how they judge between the lines of the law. But then theres the world and all its people and the all decide to fight on and on, when theres no war theres no peace, without war then peace would never had been discovered, and so theres war and more war followed by war F"£$%NG WAR!!

Friday, January 09, 2009

yeah now we talking

A Deep Start from End to Finish

(god I wrote that lol, on may 26th 2007)

Theres times like this when you dont know where to start or Finish, I would love to know what stage I am in my life at the moment without the hustle and bustle of cloaking and cloudyness from it. The feeling I get from deep within is a little frustrated strong man wanting to get out and tell people what to do, and where to go. In difficult times I suppose he shows a little of what I can be, and in easy times he just tucks away sitting there waiting for the next challenge to come along. One thing I know for certain there is in fact something there beyond your sub conscious waiting there ready to take on brave times. Deep within there is a person of courage and bravery waiting to be realeased, God only knows what it would take to release him into the wild of life. What an emotional being to have deep within.

(and god now aint things changed) ALOT!! lol


ommmm! wreckless driving
Footage of the Leftovers
ha ha ha ha ha ha
(heres the link if it doesnt work)

Im still here lol

oh my god cant believe the last time i posted on here lol

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)