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Saturday, March 28, 2009

cakey cake maker

Caitlynne made some lovely cakes today :-)

Caitlynnes cakes

My daughter made awesome cakes today, they were really nice

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Just thought i would share a little einstein with my friends, If im right lol :-)
(just a guess?)
theres a message there C2=me (c me = see me, I didnt know einstein knew anything about text messaging lol)

have a look at him waving and creating energy lol

(click the link)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Leighto,s Cave (my little psychology test lol)

Imagine this sceanario = If you were a explorer (looking for some ancient money worth millions) and you were all of a sudden trapped in a cave, the entrance has been blocked by rubble with no sign of rescue. I suppose you would panic a bit like any other person but you come accross the currency of notes worth millions at the same time (would you consider yourself lucky lol), there are rats in the cave and nothing more, and the only thing to burn is all that paper (money) to maybe eat the rats for survival

A question?
Would you do it?
Would you burn a million's worth of pound notes to stay alive and eat?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My daughter!!

The love that i feel 4 my daughter is priceless (its so much that i find text is meaningless but a hug and a smile means so much more to both of us, I need not explain 2 those fathers and mothers who understand :-)x

My son!!

Im dedicating this entry 2 my son, i am so proud of him, to see him today take on the monkey bars without no (super)vision nearly brought a tear to my eye. I love him so much. He is deep down to me my little superman.:-) soon enough my daughter will have an awesome entry too. I love them both so much. :-)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

People Power lol

e.g. Imagine this the Entire Uk all decided to take their tax discs off their cars all at the same time, What would the Government do? Would they inprison 60,943,912 people lol and crush their cars totally? lol messing up people's lively hoods, jobs etc or would they come to a negotioable agreement?. This little example makes you think doesnt it, How powerful PEOPLE would be if they were 100% confident and not so scared. God Imagine that, phew! (although im a hipper crit and pay mine totally this is just an example or is it lol!) Personally I think people are born into believing they need a leader from the start of their life (mam, mam and dad, or parental guardians ETC). Always being told what to do, resulting into a reflection of someone or something always being above you, (ALWAYS). Its just You who believes what you want to believe resulting in a reality of what you percieve throughout your day, The old saying Goes. life is what you make it?

So((try and))make is a good one?


Monday, March 09, 2009

Remember This lol



And so I looked at her and seen the shreak and horror in her face, over and over, the scene played in my mind untill suddenly parsnip flavoured umpa lumpa's wearing Strap on's playing the clarinet, they started to do the irish jig while Arthur was watering her titty-sniffle-twigs which were being slapped by leightons 2 stroke engine called Ivor Tommy the engine!! Tommy loved his engine and named after himself. From time to time he would go to escape in the park and met.....
spaced out iguanas chatting to bob the builder. Orville the duck was sucking off zippy.
I sat down cried and then smiled, foster's tastes of Honey, Jam rice, Strawberry's and asda pasties. Most of all Rab-c nesbit's plucky bits. Little rab screamed for his little japati brother's bike. But "no" he's not having it, especially having the bits. With this he was he found himself pulling on his curly bits which was a bitch as they sprouted cockles but the fat controller was doing the honkey tonk in his y fronts, lovely long pants, wooo - a sexy turkish delight- If i were a little african boy - it would be too hard to chew - in black and white

The End


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