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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Never Never Land

If never never land is in space, does that make it a planet or is it heaven. common fact = 90% of space is dark matter lol. Just like never never land where time does not exist and nowone grows old. Just like the film cacoon, mmmm if time doesnt exist then there would be no space, it takes time to make a space. particles moving (explosion) in time to make space. so if there is no space then time hasnt yet existed. 000....................................................................................................................................................................... dark matter needs to exist for light to bounce off it, reinforcement from the observer, unless the light from it hasnt caught up with us yet and its much much larger already than what we can comprehend.

Monday, December 27, 2010

R: entry = Funny Stories lol (jamaican Flavour)

( Me and the boys would make a story up with paper and pen, the first person would write the beginning and fold it for the next, and this is what we came up with lol

Jamaican Flavour

Once upon a time there was a turnip called Jim, He went to the market to seek out many things and came across 3 sailors that had peanuts as a welsh skinned kebab, jack the B !"£$%^^&, swapped his earplugs that was left for him for christmas. suddenly his arsehole started spewing runner beans at which point the bbc newscaster dressed in a poka dot bikini said nelly has packed her cu"£ and fell down the mountain on a F£$^&*$ cuboard, in the itchyest pile of t"£%^£$ brambles and shouted aww you C$%t at the top of his girly voice! She screamed louder and louder, so she screamed louder at him. He looked at her because his bum chocked on too many chewits. If there was a god he would smile because life was always meant to be this beautiful - everyday we feel powered, we have warmth. something - it exists.
oh but it does said the homosexual ant eater bumming a penguin. "Please can I join your chucuzi of love and let me take you hand and slap my bum into oblivion. (lol) God asked Dennis, cripled nipples from san-fran-cisco. We have stupled upon sadam husseins brain beans - Jamaica Flavour (lol). Butterflys wan£$%g watching Grease and looking fly in their Gucci socks loving their cousin (lol) and Bu%m"£g one of the girls every saturday off his face on the mad powder mdma and so he fell to his death

The End

Back To The Future The Game | release trailer (2010)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Was thinking this morning you know when a person is told something about in the past and completely forgets about it, even to the fact that nothing at all can bring it to light. And then finally the one thing like a dream or surroundings bring it back to the memory, where does it go all them years. It must be supressed or stored somewhere subconciously in the brain until the course of time whenit is needed then it is realeased into reality for the given task ahead. I'm thinking there must be a hell of a lot of information supressed somewhere in all of our brains that we can't access at the given time. Maybe its a super information psychic highway that connot be accessed consiously all in one go (we only have one computer screen, e.g. one dimension of thought), only when it is needed and rediley availible it will be released into reality. In the meantime the subconsious protects all these thoughts not for them to come flooding through and give us a brain overload (e.g. like tying to watch 26 channels on a single television screen).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Invention of lying :-)

Watched the invention of lying yesterday it made me laff so much,lol. It had a serious aspect to it towards the end though. Im suprised that the christian churches ain't got upset and called blashpemy for some of the stuff that was made up lol(its only comedy get a life innit). Although it seems watching it from a different perspective you see that there is some truth from it. You are told not to lie, but we lie all the time, not to hurt other peoples feelings, so I'm guessing that there is a law to lying. A little white lie and a dark big lie, you can't deplete lying from everyday life its inehebitable. P.s. but all in all what a film :-)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Genuine lemon

Mr collins prepares a masterpiece drink for fitness, pure lemon with boiled water, good for the heart and soul of the project. As seen in photo= promoting it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gym plan

Marts working out a gym plan for tonight. Oh yes I'm joining the gym for that lovely feeling of motivation and goodness. To think I've neglected my body for long enough and its time to get to my normal weight with a little bit of muscle. :-) p.s. best investment you can make, your body.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little cartoon I seen in a book I was reading from the other day, it shows how you have to take news and give it ya best to think beyond and become positive about it without the pitfulls negativety (limitation of a solution because of your E-MOTIONS at that given time - but you have to take in consideration that you are human and you can never deplete emotions, they will always be there, give it the moment of night or day. It is human to feel up or down, an emotion is there for a reason. So that we can learn. :-)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mr and Mrs Vitsy

Mr orange didn't stop moaning in my ear about feeling a little lonely, so I got him a friend. Maybe one day they will be Mr and Mrs vit c. Lol. They're so happy together but I will always be there for them as a good friend lol. Looks much better don't you think? :-)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kerio's submarine

I was just wondering through the archives of my pics and found a crimbo pic, kerio looked at it and said I loved my submarine dad lol.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


My though and philosophy for 2 day = when you day dream I'm guessing that you daydream about being on holiday swimming in a lovely sea, being on a fantastic beach, sipping sangria being waited on by hand and foot by waiters and waitresses etc. But when ya actually there on holiday, on the beach and you day dream what are you day dreaming about? (Makes ya think doesn't it. :-).)

Friday, February 19, 2010

My friend the orange lol

This is my wilson volley ball (castaway), a orange, my best friend, I was talking to Mr Orange 2day and he told me stories about time and space and what the weather is going to be like for the next couple of days lol, he is a loyal friend and companion and tells me nice things about life ha ha ha lol mwha ha ha ha lol. P.s. as u can see he's smiling but he could be bitter and twisted orange on the inside lol.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

(P)layto's cave

Just been reading a book that's beggining to inspire me a little, about sacrotes and plato, I'm just so intrigued by the fact that sacrotes a little old man who's harmless enough getting death by poison for asking to many questions on life mmmm making me think he didn't want money, he wasn't out there to make money, but the elders rebelling on him for thinking to much and asking to many questions, (TO THINK IS THOUGHT WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD ) and to hear little plato was his student who was really inspired by him by jotting down all his work. Really good story luvvit , I'm gonna read more on plato. :-)

A scientific Solution 2 some religioustories

After reading a book on social culture in drugs a few weeks back I came up with this theory. E.g. The idea on explaining. Religious stories about someone going somewhere on a mission only 2 find when they come back to tell the story of where they have been(an amazing conquest with dragons, high seas etc) and it always sounds over exaggerated, it could be a bible story of monsters and parables when all along it was a fungus leave ing airbourne hallucegenics into the air we breathe. Good idea lol p.s. more realistic than the three plagues etc.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hierarchy of needs

The book I'm reading at the moment is written in blood by beverley macdonald (its a nice easy read about history with cartoons too lol) and I have to say I read a certain section today which has really made me think. = In the middle of the 20th century a pschologist named abraham maslow proposed that a 'hierchy of needs' also motivates an indiviuals behaviour. The 1st is food an water, a hungry or thirsty person will think of nothing more. They're not particulary intrested in the stock market, or maybe even being nice to other people. But having satisfied the first need people start thinking about the second need - shelter, a cave or a roof over their heads. People search for security. Having achieved a food supply and somewhere to live, their minds turn to the third need- love and a sense of belonging. Humans are social animals; they need to be with other people. Solitary confindment has always been (dunno mind - a nice bit of peace lol) regarded as a particularly cruel and drastic form of punishment. People need each other. We need to feel loved, we need a family and a community. The 4th need is esteem - not only do we want to belong to a family or a community, but also we need to be liked and respected. Maslow also suggesteda 5th need, self- actualisation - the need to understand the world , to create or to solve problems just for the fun of it. Maslows hierarchy of needs helps explain both altruistic behaviour and barbaric behaviour in some situations. :-) I thought this was most impressive :-)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tomus de la trout

I went to visit tommy the trout 2 stroke this evening to see how he was doing. He's living local now, in swansea uplands. So it was a joy not 2 trek all the way 2 neath. It twas nice to chat, we burst into sci fi films and games etc comparing games books and films we have digested since we last saw each other. Enjoyed, I always forget how nice it is 2 chat 2 him :-). P.s. still can't understand how he dedicates his self to so much hard core studying of law. If he can't digest it he tears out the page and uses as bogroll.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Had an amazing evolving conversation lunch time with chris and matthew, I started it off with what would you do if you could stop time, it twas really good we were getting right into it, coming up with different idea etc, brainstorming. Lol. I'm thinking to myself is this what film buffs and writers do sometimes all get into a group drink coffee and brainstorm. Wow imagine doing that as a job lol

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A brief walk to the mumbles

Ive spent much of the weekend with my kids, they slept over so, the highlight of it all must have been the brief walk 2 da mumbles  swansea, with sarah and her kids. They were well knackered, its funny to hear kids moaning about theyre little legs then forgetting it all when they are ingroced in a game of touch or playing on climbing frames lol. 
Which makes me the think about consciousness, all people tend to feel pain or otherwise when they are not ingroced in something like a hobby, working, talking or having fun. So i would say the secret to staying well happy is to have fun and and warp u r consiouness into what ever u like doing untill u r told to do something u dont want to do. suppose u have to then bite the rusk of life and just do it, and think of the wonderfull results and achievements from learning :-).

Friday, February 05, 2010

A brief stroll over the brecon beacons wales, and then a little paddle to france. 20 mins

Went for a starbucks yesterday, met up with Mr collins (in da picture) and tommy de trout 2 stroke, had a good evening discussing mad and wonderful things with my chums. We chatted about planning forthcumming events for the boys camping etc etc..... I wonder what wonderful antics we will get up to this year lol, although marts got it in his head that he would like to scour the whole of the brecon becons with just a back pack full of food. And army survival gear. (Bloody nuts is what he is) 16 miles a day trekking for a whole week with a ton on ya back. The boys will never do it,at first it would be a novelty, I would give it the second day before we all start moaning and getting grumpy and snapping at each other lol. If it happens lol. :-)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

The cellar of the d. (Block) v hell a

I've been in the basement of where I work for about 2 months now, I would say its been a long trek of some sort of solitude, there's been no sunlight only artificial light but plenty of peace and quiet, where hardly anyone disturbs you, or talks of you lol, I still get a lot of work but to do, which makes the day fly by but its nice not to have an anxiety feeling of I HAVE to work hard non stop all the time because of bosses. (Although they are nice as pie, its just me and the way I look at it) figures, Accuracy etc etc little time down here is coming to a close and an end unfortunantely. But I would say I have learnt a hell of a lot about self discipline, and completing things without leaving them, completing jobs in hand finish. I would say I'm getting better :-).

Friday, January 29, 2010

Consume on day of purchase or best before age.

Been trying 2 make the day go quick by working hard, and it seems to be working, but I think to myself when I stop and pause for a slight break I ponder on whether or not we are supposed to work really hard, if you work hard then you would be one of these persons later on inlife who predominantely says "I've worked hard all mylife" I think to myself do I want 2 be one of these people in my old age lol, what would I have to show for it, but only a sentence that has no meaning to anyone. Its solid objects of interest people see as gold, not moaning useless information that's only relentless dead energy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Its been two weeks now since ive given up. stumble upon these websites on the benefits and non benefits of smoking and the benefits of giving up

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tv : program on growing cannabis

I watched a program last night on people growing cannabis, you are allowed to buy all the equipment from shops and seeds legally from another but u r not allowed 2 put a seed in a pot. Cmon how can that be against the law. Growing plants. For fuck sakes its not a crime. A crime is beating someone up, robbing a bank, murdering someone etc. The only thing that's fucked up with that notion is the fact that the government are jealous on grounds that they can't keep hold on the tax of it basically. So they use they're bouncers of life. The police lol or legal cult. I believe in law and order yes, but the law stating that its wrong 2 put a seed in plant pot lol

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)