Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Wow what a read, very this world matrix lol

What an amazing read. Wow


Monday, March 02, 2015

Ive been yapping on about this for a while

The Chakra's are where the glands are in the human body, that's what the glands are for and represent they are the (Glands) stones to the portals of the human body with which energy flows through...................................................................

thats where hormone inbalances happen like e.g. in teenagers to men their voice break and they go through a hormonal change of that blue communication chakra becoming more alive
etc etc

the video below explains a lot of the missing parts of what medical science depleted from their research with reason of them not being much use, so why study them. The Glands are there for a reason, they wouldnt be there otherwise.

The Egyptians also studied the glands in detail, they had a good idea of energy flow through the body and understood the after life and excepted it as a new place to go. rather than the brutal thought of it being DEATH


What an amazing Cartoon ~ eh! NICKLODEAN LOL

My Advice on a nice Easy childs program on the way our chakras work, this cartoon is so enlightened, I love the part when the kid gets to the heart chakra.......... The Green Enlightened chakra :-)


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