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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Industrial Amazon Drones

Imagine Industrial amazon Drones delivering Food To Peoples back Gardens,
The Drone Would Come Drop food of for the person Whilst They are GArdening
And work a system where it would store and trade food from afar.

Tories Out, Green Party Elected.

Im sorry but this is how i feel about the whole system, Its a fucking mess to the present circumstances we are in. We need to take a national vote and get the green party in. Bikes to cycle (Free Bikes scheme for people at home) promote cycling. Promote Home Acriculture, Promote Growing Everylittle organism and plant in research, Promote Fast Growing. Idea =Government, realeasing a app on trade and treats in ways where you don't have to interact physically (2 metre rule) Geo Gaching, promote games where you walk and interact, Pokemon Go, Ingress, Promote Playing, Games, Reading Books. The Green PArty have been Elected in my eyes, Already. Grow (up Britain)

 Front Line Workers Should have Priority Over all people, They are The Grease Monkeys of this Mess and They are Heroes.

Money is Getting OLd now with the present circumstances. Its a bit like the old money in the fallout game. ww2 money.

In aztec times they used to coffee beans as currency. Once food is traded as currency then it gets Dangerous.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Letter to America

This Post,
through what I can see we are all a protected Species now, We all have to take our health as priority.(

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

knowen is gonna read this anyway lol (I am a messenger, (the old phrase dont shoot the messenger))

I Channel what I can Through thought and whats happening with a colaberation between drawings and spirit, I Dont Know what i draw when I draw.

your mother, Your solar plexus is attached to a nervous system which is ULTIMATELY attached to a Sun of a star system. 

nowen knows what star system (mother) or what sol they are attached too.......

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)