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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

What do You need Psychic Powers for? (Vanessian unity speaking to masculinity)

I don't know?

Thats all I know there's a Mathmatician that works spiritually, (documentry i was watching a few months back). Who obtains the numbers spiritually without working the formulas out in his head. The numbers just appear in his head and they are always correct. The Human Calculator.

What's happening with the NHS scientific Research side of things then, Because we never get updates through the news on how good our medical scientific research is doing. This would be nice as a positive outlook on the news to keep people informed on all things bright and beautiful.........

A Grey in the Future with no mask

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Thank You Ever so Much for Reading my blogg

It was on 21,300 yesterday lol

Now We Know Why The Greys (Aliens) Where Full Frontal Facemasks (Alloy face shields)

Since I was a child I remember saying The Theory about the Greys being us from the future coming back in time to Save humanity from a great disease or plaque thats wiping Humans of the face of the planet. 
I Remember laylah saying to me at a very young age of three. "Dad, we are the aliens. Wow."
Conspiracy Theorists all around the world are called together in unity to leak the Information to the Public about the Information of Ancient Knowledge (crystals, Atlantis, Pineal gland. etc.)
There is some truth in this knowledge as it wouldn't be there. It is not a distraction...............

Friday, April 24, 2020

Spirit Delivers Your Comfort Zone

I have a always enjoyed the film "what Dreams may Come"
If you watch this film you will see that spirit always delivers your comfort zone when times are hard for when you pass over.
I feel the coronovirus has delivered the comfort zone for many who are in lockdown and homebound, Your home is the most comfortable place in world. You inner temple is reflection of your Outer Temple (Your Home)
My 4 year old daughter reminded me today whilst in the garden with her. Pushing her on the swing, She Started Saying Thanks for The Trees, Thanks for Grass, Thanks For my swing, Thanks for my Dad, Thanks for Thanks, Thanks, Thanks. And the list went on. It was beautiful.
Her Middle name is Grace lol

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Who are your subscribers?

Derr!! I dont know I aint got a clue,


There's More Flies on the Earth Than People

The F(lie)s cant see the World wide WEB,
The Lies cant see the Internet.
There is More Grains of Sand on the Earth than Stars in the Night Sky OR There is More Stars in the Night Sky than Grains of Sand on the Earth....
its 50/50
and the numbers are 7365832765832746582374908740831750875018375087315089730158738075301875837509281750983759287598327509812750876325736587635876353781957895710375398750375087315873589730857398757539075130753015807165813857018765-89137587891578375375038536587310857-93275087135781375971875-137598398579127358389573583759785375397503817586395878312759738573281657312857937654970659809089069483268761876587519359871958814769346898431976914376813486794317698413687391671-93769174386749318681346943176948136988-9486198817346887`77197874684-269028746082746873426037648137698173867108768017486543175087454365174351703485714308768365017358619365703817504365048317063486081437601367460948365487576874684703816457147038980683748171-3978-`78763508175843158741713098717378315738398478339384739999292897098573018928375198758932570123987531058732-57-8`5-8732897`589-75-82`75872`5038725098275089758973508753`029875089753208750982750927

Decoded In simple Binary 1-0
 1- 0     I-0

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Matrix and hidden Spirituality

Risking Everything

Oh yeah the people who go out to work are heroe's, also the people who stay at home are heroes, wow so everyones a fucking a hero. At the End of the Day - ( You Write What Goes Here?)

They haven't got fucking Clue(Government)

They don't give a shit if your food runs out.......
They Don't give a shit if your health is low
They Don't give a shit if the economy falls to its fucking knees
They Don't Give a shit

They are more Concerned About the Luxury's which
they recieve, To think they are all in same boat as You, and now its time for the fatcats to realise that LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT than this crappy monopoly game that is fading away to this Monster that is above our heads (coronovirus)

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Been Working on Putting all my Artwork in to some sort of quantrain form e book :-)

Been working on putting my Artwork in some sort of book form order and text to the story behind each persona Arkashic paradigm.
From here I haven't got a clue what i'm in for with transcripts of what i read from some of the past date work.
But i will keep all the work posted on here on what i write, I think its going to be quite fun because i'm starting with a species on another planet that is of the common house fly (which nobody loves awww!!)

StarSigns/Stardust..........Astronomy/Astrology spliced

As time goes on now and we move into the new age I think Things are going to be a little bit different, only a little :-)

Friday, April 17, 2020


101 - is and can be classed as (z)lol) as a safety room for the mind.
like a mind safety panic room. This is shown to me sometimes through subliminal messages (like it just has), After what I have just written(above post). Someone don't like the last post and i get put into a subliminal safety room not for the mind to wonder to much. Thanks! 

Highly Spiritual

Being Of High Spiritual Intelligence (chanelling.)(I do get told by subliminal Messages that I am a medium, But I disagree as I Like to class Myself as a 5th Dimensional scientist.) The Medium side of it can get a little too much (sensative empath) as sometimes as i'm talking to people i see and hear things from spirit. I try to ignore the messages from spirit, while chatting to them. This ability is fucking amazing but I have to let it go (Reading) and stick to 5th dimensional esoteric thinking. (3rd line Perceptional thinking - You are a Lump of Meat on a rock flying around a fireball through space lol.)
(5th line Perceptional thinking - You Are a Spiritual, Multidimensional being that that has woken up and realised the Whole of Existence is created through a immitation from your inner and outer torus energy field working throughout the day showing what you were thinking of earlier. The magic mirror device in your pocket mimics (pro-anxiety) your earlier inner thoughts. True e.g. What you need to buy, lol the advertising companies feed you then, Through what to buy. lol


u dont have to read, theres multiple amounts of past shit that floats around in the mind, its all multi dimensional as the consciousness of thought resides on surface of the eye. In the Now.

Friday, April 10, 2020


Time Now is a Battery in a watch or clock, That little bit of battery energy in a clock or watch could change the details and finer things in life, The time Being a little slow or fast it doesn't matter. If you watch the 2012 olympics Opening PResentation then it will show you what is going to happen to time and the big ben as we approach the New Age.

Ralph Smart is right about 2012, Its not 2020 its 2012 (if)..... The Mayans Battery watch or clock run a little slow oops. 8 years - Sign of Infinity tut

Thursday, April 09, 2020

Kitchen Hydroponics for Winter (Budget Lighting, Fast Growing, Gel)

How Self Sufficient is Your Home

How self sufficient is your home, That Extra Veg patch or Chicken Egg Farm Could go far as a extra week if there were no shops in a short time of crisis of full (no shops) Lockdown. If you were on a desert island and you had that water supply that comes from the tap in your home, YOU WOULD BE RICH.
If you Were on a desert Island with lots of paper Money and you were cold you would have to burn it to stay warm.

If you were in a shop with loads of money and nothing on the shelfs then you would be knackered lol

Catch My Drift!

Monday, April 06, 2020

The Potato MArs Project x

The Potato Mars Project Only On Earth, Phew We Got Soil.

The Basics of a Nice Potato Project

I have been working on the Basics of a Potato Project with no help from the internet, With instinct.(if the internet was down then life would be a total nightmare for people at most) My advice to everyone would be to set up a protocol projects around the home where everyone Mucks in on Gardening and Playing in the Garden. (Playing in as Much dirt Builds the immune System to the present day.) This is SAfe at the moment, Keep Going out on bikes to a very minimum.

Working on Plants

Ive been working on how many house plants is best to have, and what ones are best to have in each room of your home.(eg aloe vera plant in your bedroom when sleeping). I think house plants are a very vital for the home, I think they keep a good balance of oxygen flow to the home for all the family. This promotes bio thinking the more you go down the line of thought of improving house plants around the home, The More Mind information you recieve from Gaia To do this, Take Cuttings of them and put them in every room, Repot, Decorate pots. etc.
Put pictures of nice things on each pot and talk to them, meditate around them and be one with them. They are part of you, they are what helps keep you on the planet.

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)