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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Ankh - More Pork

Ankh mor pork - Ankh mor pork gets two titles in this world one which is that of a Ship With in u window of messages (sub consious), Aship with lots of animals on it, with what to do with that pure manure that came from the arses mouse. Chuck it all over board for the Sharks from the Sharks. The Sharks wanted mor - pork which is that of what came from the arses of laand dwelleeers Anphibians, reptillian, mammals, etc, The Ark, "thats from the ark that is, Ankh morpork is from the ark. The Sharks enjoy the Shit from mammals. lol
Love terry praatchet aaye.
This is where the cycle of the shower of shit came from the lions of many Sharks. Cat-ch my Drift. lol

Saturday, June 06, 2020

Structure - REcent Thought on Agrophobia and Lockdown


I was always thinking in my mind a dream of complete happiness and living in the garden on lock-down being complete with nature,I then had a brief thought throughout all my years of playing The augmented game ingress I came to a conclusion from analysing google maps from above. You see Humans have triangler patterns of travel comfort. Our maps will always show Triangler patterns of Routine. Work, Home, Gym, park, Stores etc.

And So as the the story goes throughout the Golden Age We have experienced the Triangler pattern turning to a stright line of Food and Living at home for some. Stay Safe. :-)

Tuesday, June 02, 2020


I suppose 11:11 is meant for everyone to see the true potential of perception and what you can do with your mind, If you believe in the placebo of a number becoming a time slip then......IT WILL BECOME A TIMESLIP, just like a mantra happens to work when you make it work. The Two sound clips that are below, are very powerful when you have a lot of drama going on in your head that you cant get rid of. The Mantra song will reverse your negative energy to positive, The Second is the sound test, this will drown out any, and I mean any loud scitzo monkeys. TRY it :-)