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Monday, January 18, 2021

Voyager 1 Golden Record (FULL)(5 HOURS)(1080p)


The Second furthest Object in Space, A gold Record with a sound on it 26:05 mins into the gold disk, hard work changing dimensions to do this lol. 

26 = The God Number

Hello, What you got to say to me......The sound you hear in the back round :-)

 The Sound you hear in the back round of clairvoyance thoughts in the back round of the inner hear, If you are anything like me you can quite easily string together a script in the mind, sometimes the script can go haywire with suggestional energy from other sources throughout the day. Like to much sugar/e numbers in the body can send your pendulums whirling like a faster and faster (aaron Doughty - pendulums) You can either leave the script run in the back round or you can meditate to change the reality a little, hypnotism is a essential tool for this as it sets your mind to positive thoughts rather than negative. Giving you a lovely Script, The claw will always save you from anxiety and negative thoughts, Its just people forget that this is there, knowledge is the key to this, if they were to have a encounter with a out of control negative thought and shows up on the tv, or mobile phone through anxiety, then you have forgotten that your mind and body are a transmitter (tesla) and a aerial of some sort :-) Thoughts travel through the outer of the body through the Aura of the body after it has left the mind and you have forgotten about what you thinking about, and then you see it on the television or mobile phone.    

Aliens in toy story - The Claw!!!!   

These high pitch frequencies are the elders of the mind Turning on their earing aids to high pitch - to help the person around them who is trapped in a cave of nasty thoughts. - Respect to them:-)

The inner whirring sound saves the you from the script, like the claw of the matrix saving you from the script in the inner mind you don't want. :-)   

This is a very very powerful tool, if you watch back round people by delore's cannon then you will see that there is a lot of information and power behind the back round. When You record a video of you going out and about, and whats going on around you and when you watch the video back then you will see and notice different things going on in the back round. But people don't notice the back round because they focus on the avatar of information and don't watch again to analyse different occurances going on. You will see strings of vital tools to what you are thinking. etc


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The him1 /her laying salt crystal

 The salt crystal. The salt gravity system of tidal interference from the disruption of moon gravity magnets. The centre of the gaia holds our moon twin. The two bodies dance like a molecule through space and time.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Ankh - More Pork

Ankh mor pork - Ankh mor pork gets two titles in this world one which is that of a Ship With in u window of messages (sub consious), Aship with lots of animals on it, with what to do with that pure manure that came from the arses mouse. Chuck it all over board for the Sharks from the Sharks. The Sharks wanted mor - pork which is that of what came from the arses of laand dwelleeers Anphibians, reptillian, mammals, etc, The Ark, "thats from the ark that is, Ankh morpork is from the ark. The Sharks enjoy the Shit from mammals. lol
Love terry praatchet aaye.
This is where the cycle of the shower of shit came from the lions of many Sharks. Cat-ch my Drift. lol

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)