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Protecting Your Heart Chakra With Your Birthstonee


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Sci Fi Scripting

 mer ka ba

It was a Test On Mars in The Future. To take the first Human Being from the Mars and Earth Transit of Mind Control VR with a twist, The Person Controlling the Droid on mars would loose all soul conscousness of reality and look to the reality history of his mind to a computer simulator controlled in Real Time, Live On mars. 

The Person On Earth Would Experience top speck VR (Suit and Everything)to simulate the Person Going through a STAR GATe to Arrive the Other End On Mars with a fully kitted Droid that looked the Exact Replica of You. With Camera's OF Specs like no other. 

It was a FAilure, The Person Would get lost to losing Their soul memory of consciousness 'Here on Earth' The Longer they stayed on the VR The more Realtime EArth History perspective they lost. So basically your consiousness and memory would all be on mars whilst your body would be asleep in a simulation on Earth 

Total Recall (film) lol

This Was the Rapture......

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Mind Calender - The Mayan Calender.....(sc- fi scripting)

 I know for a fact of the Diodes of the large circular of the Mayan Calender is that of thoughts and feeling of spiritual perception in that day of Space and Time Which Corrulate's with the different cycle of the equinocks around Sirius. (Are You Sirius? lol)

The Large Sphere Of the Mayan Calender Represents A stint in Time and Space for that Solar System to Experience In Thought and Emotion.

Goldilocks Zone 

What About Mass Spiritual Goldilocks Zone (The Massdelocks Zone)

The Ring our Sol is Following Around Sirius. 

Monday, May 03, 2021


 wow I wrote this ages ago as a like Sci Fi project thingy

I left the ('A') - Alpha) out of the WORD Spi....
You can imagine the Vanessians(Female Hive Mind- From a Masculine Persepective) - Scripting - "Leave the Alpha's out of this."