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Sunday, September 16, 2012

What you BELIEVE is what you = Recieve or achieve

Feeling a bit philosophic today :-) what Im guessing from my experience in life is one simple little belief of what you BELIEVE! is what you = Recieve + achieve. The Energy you put into what your Belief(Hobby, interest, (deep)Religion, science, bingo lol, etc....) is what you recieve most of throughout your day or life, taking into consideration other bodies of life (Humans, Aliens lol, Animals, and Trees.) Every living organism on this planet has a purpose = to recreate and populate to spread their seed (genes) of (Love) in the (hollographic) world in which we love and live in. a bit like karma lol. click the advertisement below to recieve more in the Future

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Rapture

I was just minding my own business and trying not to get to deep in all this youtube 2012 saga tonight, I was just focusing on the start of makeing my wine, whilst studying   one of the books my mate gave me. I noticed the mention of a winefly. I thought what the the heck is a winefly. I'm guessing it's a small creature that's created from wine. Right so I searched wine fly on google only to find low and behold to my shock and amazement I stumbled upon something totally out of the ordinary from wine makeing lol, and this is it. I do have a far out imagination and I'm very open minded Lol imagine aliens seen as gods taking a load of humans on a massive ship just like the one in close encounters of the third kind or the film cacoon  etc, taking the chosen ones. this is the website with the rapture

 The Rapture- click here 
images of the rapture:
click the link for a nice little film on it : and that ladies and gentlemen is the RAPTURE :-). P.S. I LOVE THE THE ENDING TO THAT FILM AYE, I THINK ITS REALLY AWESOME THE ADAM AND EVE BIT WITH THE FORBIDDEN TREE :-)

Strong quake rattles Indonesia

14 September 2012 09:16
An undersea earthquake has hit western Indonesia An undersea earthquake has hit western Indonesia A strong undersea earthquake has hit parts of western Indonesia, but no tsunami warning has been issued and there have been no immediate reports of damage or casualties. The US Geological Survey said the 6.2-magnitude quake struck at a depth of 12 miles. Indonesia's Meteorology and Geophysics Agency said the tremor was centred about 100 miles south-east of Mentawai island, off western Sumatra. The Indonesian agency said the earthquake was felt in the cities of Padang and Bengkulu and along the southern coast of Sumatra. original post found here please click my advertisement below to fund my blogg thanks:-)

xcom a game from my childhood thats been updated looks well awesome

oh my god it looks amazing click here

A Bummer Story :-)

The kids and I have just started a story what you think please comment hey! how should this story start "im thinking, and thinking and then Il think and then think again and then a finale of poo, my farther always told me I thought like shit, but then again to think like shit is not so bad, what you think of is what you get more of so if im thinking of shit then il get more shit "oh shit, I just stepped in it." I walked joyfully into my mothers loud and proud with my belly hanging out kitchen she shouted immediately about that brown stain on the carpet. I replied "but its fresh Ive only just trod and you abuse me for makeing the carpet dirty, I suppose ive been caught in the act red handed "and im thinking and thinking a bit more again, what do I say, I dunno what to say. "aam a big wave of excrecement is comeing" please click my advertisement below for me to carry on with the story Thanks ever so much! ;-)

Friday, September 14, 2012

the Fall of 2008 / the Rise of 2009

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Dream car!

Had a dream last night that my cousin and I found a clapped out car parked in swansea's marina, to my assumption I'm thinking that it was left abandoned. It wasn't in very good shape but the keys were in it (awesome) and overall the fact that it was the car of my dreams lol, a Delorean..............

I tried the door and found it open, I only wanted a picture of me sitting inside it. So Robert insisted on taking a picture as quick as he could and so the shutter on the lense was snapping away. I was hurrying and worrying about the owner coming back and catching us, I then had a sudden wave of thought of just not caring, and at that very moment the glove box fell open and the keys fell to the ground.

I looked at Robert he looked at me in amazement. I mean what are the odds of someone leaving the keys in the glove compartment, a million thoughts were going though my head, but it was mine,oh yes.

We managed to get it home in one piece 'well bits and pieces'. Hard work being stuck in first gear the axle's all stiff and seized and stopping and parking up every bloody moment of seeing the old bill (police)  

Whilst parked outside the house I looked beyond the rust and battered door, smashed lights etc I stared at it with a twinkle in my eye. I thought with much excitement that my project has just began........... I then awoke .......... GUTTED!

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Monk-ey business

Had a dream last night I was sitting on a rock in a forrest, and on the other side of the valley there were enlightened monks performing the last of their training. They were meditating and hovering. The one I saw was spinning forward with a forward roll whilst hovering. Learning the fine art of keeping his balance was a challenge for him or maybe he was doing it correctly and he didn't even know it. He did fly towards me then past me at a tremendous speed. I then awoke. :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012


omg! Its hard to believe the thought I had this morning, Imagine if everyone on the internet had the trust in their hearts to give a pound through paypal to everyone in the world one by one, there are millions of people in the world. That one person would have millions in cash, thereby claiming the interest from the bank, taking what they need, a million for a nice home and car. (nobody needs more than a million, that one person could be you lol) instantly! then taking into consideration the others (if they could veer away from corruption and greed, which is hard)and give the next person or family a pound then for them to do the same. THE BIG RESULT OF ALL THIS WOULD BE THAT EVERYONE WOULD BE UP TO SPEED WITH BASIC RICHES OF A HOUSE OWNED AND A VEHICLE. In other words if there was 100% trust without corruption, and people stuck by other people then the world would be rich for everyone on the planet. Theres loads and loads and loads and loads of riches to go round. PLEASE AW PLEASE Click the advertisement at the bottom, to keep by blogg running and for me to have more time to write my beautiful articles. which I love doing but am too tired sometimes to create articles during the day due to my creative juices which have been sucked away during the daily working activities :-) Thank you loads and loads and loads :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Translation mobile app

Had am amazing dream last night, I had a dream I had a phone with the processor being so quick that there was a app build into the phone that when u phone someone abroad who's foreign AND can't speak English then the phone would pick up u r speech, dialect and accent, and translate it into the language automatically on the other side of the world with amazing speed and precision. So fast with no pose at all. (Speaking in tongues) I was able to speak to any one in any language instantly and keep the personality of my voice.

Absolutely amazing what dreams can produce aye. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A nice £12000 competition

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mental Blockage, Pen and Paper to the Rescue

I wonder if anyone else gets this when They Write online or try to be creative whilst using a computer, like this evening for example I was thinking earlier whilst i was poddling about Oh im going to write this im going to do that with my blogg etc etc loads of ideas. Then I sit down in the living room, only to find that my mind has gone utterly and completely blank. My personal experience on this is that I think this has to do with something to do with looking at a screen, I feel my creative talent goes right down the pan sometimes when using the internet or watching television. Its like your brainwashed completely by adverts, crap television, and just feeling brain numbing in front of a screen. Weird I would love to know if anyone gets this. I always come up with good ideas when on the move. So im thinking to myself to go back to basics and write from notes when blogging. You cant beat a pen and paper when being creative. It adds character to the design of the creative mind, and especially being outdoors in the sunshine. The thought going through my mind right now is the film limitless (I Love that film aye) where hes starting his career writing a book and he finds that hes just on a blank screen for hours on end with nothing coming to his mind just a blank page lol, then when he takes this tablet it all changes, he gets on with the book without any writers block at all, it just flows beautifully. We all dream of this, and maybe there are tablets and meds out there that can do this on a mild scale smart pills renadine. I heard stories of people who are highly successful people with two jobs and getting by on very little sleep, And not just basic jobs full on brain creative jobs like internet design etc. The thing is you gotta test yourself with the question on people who do this, is your brain gonna burn out sooner or is it gonna get better with the amount of information its handling. I suppose one of the biggest key elements to it all is relaxation with a little meditation. :-) please click my add below to fund my blog and keep me blogging. blogg on :-)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Computer graphics

Hard to believe that this is a image from a computer game, it seems as if it aint gonna be long before actors will be out of the job or they would be limited to vocal acting for a while. I suppose drama will become computerised and cheaper and more efficient for producers. Maybe its happening now, we would never know it lol.:)

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doctors on strike

To think the tories have messed up the country so much that even da doctors r going on strike. Word of advice for parliament "turn it in tories" lol.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Saucer dream

1/6/2012 had an amazing dream. Woke up early and all. I had a normal dream as i would say of camping with family but i wisked away from that one into another but this one was different i was completely aware, it was a lucid one with amazing colour. It was so vivid, it was really life like.

I was in a field golden corn. With a sort of somerset feel to it, i could not see nothing to the end of corn and where the sky began, all of a sudden to my suprise a giant saucer appeared from behind a cloud only to approach and hover a couple of feet above the corn. The doors opened slowly downward. I was scared and phoned the authorities stright away. They came and approached me and started chatting to me using thought at a phonomenal rate, they taught me how to fly better in dreams. Showing me pictures in my head of diagrams of different levels of gravity, when the media and authorities turned up they panicked as to whether or not we were ready for the technological advances they were to show us. Awesome aint it, the funny thing is i aint watched sc fi for a while, out of the blue awesome dream. 

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