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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bad Cats and Christmas X boxes

Ive spent most of my time lately on the xbox console which was kindly donated to me by my mate tommy trout. The game in question Star Wars Nights of the old republic (and yes, if youre reading this tommy you were right, it is a very very addictive game.) its one of those games where you forget about what is going on around you, you loose all reality just to get to the next part in the addiction of game loving. I absoulutely love it, to the parts where you dont have to wait to save, I thought I would not like the turn based system when I saw it at first But after a few goes of getting used to it I love it. The only draw back to the game, well little draw back has to be the fact you have to spend ages running back to places, which takes ages, but im not complaning. All in all its high in my estermations at the moment. There's alot of my friends who have decided to take up there time by gaming day and night, Maybe its the fact that its rained every bloody day this winter. No its just that its winter and reality seems crap in the winter, everyones moody, and you try to cheer them up but it turns back to negative emotions by the end. Personally at the moment I feel as if Im not getting anywhere no progress or nothing, But im just happy to carry on playing my amazing game and wasting my family man life.

But on a lighter note my cat has just had a Mouth operation which cost me 280 quid and to find hes not right after it, because he took to long to come out of the anestetic has nothing to do with the fact that he can't balance and dont know where the hell he is etc. Might have the decision of the vet putting him to sleep once and for all, after they have drained us for all our christmas money (poor monty, weep).

Im feeling a little Grim at the moment but I know it will get better, Christmas is only round the corner. And the corner is only a short one. Its very stressfull though the present thing and all. Wouldnt it be a good idea to have a website which had PA's to do all the dirty work for you. You know que and go out in the cold, I know there are websites out there where you can buy online, but its seems like you dont know where the hell to start,eg I would much rather look through the argos catalogue than browse online its seems alot more self sufficient to do it that way, maybe I could just lie low (hide) for a few weeks after christmas and not buy anyone any presents, Fat chance of that happening. But I suppose in the joust of it all, everyone should recieve a present whether it is large or small, expensive or cheap. Its the thought that counts. Have a early Happy Christmas.

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