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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Life is a Challenge (Reincarnation)

In life there are many challenges in my opinion if its true about the theory of reincarnation then what the hell inspires spirit to take a challenge of a poverty stricken life, maybe they are looking for a challenge, Them being stupid of course and not realising the pain and suffering they have gone through in their past lives (havent they learnt). Still if its their decision, why go through with it all over again and take the challenge. Is it their choice or is it the great almightys choice. Is it voluntry work that they have to take in turns. I suppose there is not enough evidence of knowledge of memory to know who makes that decision. Why do some of us forget about our past lives and some remember


Wasn't god's work good enough to blank some of spirits minds ready for the next challenge of life (reincarnation)
I suppose none of us are perfect, even god he must make mistakes - look at us for example.
I suppose we are more than a challenge for him than we realise. Accidents may happen, even wars. Not!

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