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Friday, September 14, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My son the hobbit

Kieran the hobbit, who lives in the corner of the living room, loving his playstation 2 games, and living his life to the complete max. My lovable son the corner hobbit, i wonder if anyone else has a corner hobbit like mine

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A large one

Durex condoms have eventually catered for people like me and others who are well fortunate, not that im blowing my own trumpet or should I say trumbone. Lol

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The bench of ruble

U might understand, if u a keen reader of this blogg lol

Friday, August 10, 2007

Good photo

Dont you think me and kieran look different from caitlynne

Future home

Ive decided that this is the foundation of our future home, what a home it is. Its going to be amazing with a built in utility room, and conservatry. I cant wait, yipee.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Milkyman lookalike

Over the weekend I was told by my many mates, that i look like the cow farmer on the asda carton. God help me if this is my true claim to Personally i dont think it looks nothing like me, i wonder how many people would agree that it looks nothing like me, please cheer me up and leave me a comment and tell me it dosen't.please

Friday, August 03, 2007

Canteen offle

I thought i would treat myself to some nice canteen food for a change this friday. And what a non tasteless delight it was. For 1.92 i might as well had bought dog food and put it on a plate. At least there would have been more taste to pedigree chum. I think this shite ruined the feel good factor mood i was in for lunch, such a shame i wasted the lot, all shown above went in the bin. Its not like me inchy miser to waste. I must be changing my ways when it comes to eating

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Stamp collecting, worth a thought

After having a few conversations with a few mates in work telling me that stamp collecting is quite a profitable business to be in, and after hearing so many stories about people's ancestors collecting them from the start. I have decided to give it a try and collect a few. After typing in rare stamps on ebay I thought to myself phew theres money to be made here, the prices on some of these old but not ancient stamps. I mean I know its been known to be the sadest thing to do, but I suppose it doesn't come close to the saddest of sad of train spotting, Ive seen some stamps selling for loads and loads of money, God people are paying astronomicle amounts of money for little bits of paper, I suppose I would admit that I enjoyed viewing them too on ebay, if its going to make money then bring it on. I might trade as many as i can and see where it gets me in a few years. I mean if it results in a nice wealthy stamp collection, then so be it. I suppose im in the right place to start collecting, giving the amount of mail I recieve.

German lost a eye

Unfortunately german lost an eye in the beirut war, poor buggar

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My pic of the day

This has got to be my favorite pick of the day, a real father and Son pic.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Alien in a egg sack

I Was fiddling with my phone k800i and was chuft 2 find that it had features like a pro camera. Negative and painting shots,i was impressed. It takes a long time 2 shoot though with which i dont mind. Im going 2 post a few more paint shots and even start a little project and paint them 4 real. My fan i won should come tomoz yipee ready 4 the warm summer we r supposd 2 have.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Yay a win

I Was delighed when i got home to find i had a letter from B and Q. I thought it was junk mail at first but when I read congragualations I thought oh yes. I won a top of the range fan on a stand, i dont know what the bloody hell im going to do with it in this weather. But im grateful 4 it all the same.

Photo with a famous person lol

I feel honoured to have a photo with Markey de Pompey
a boy who is pre famous, only time will tell.
such a creative person etc etc etc

Markey de Pompey

I sulute you

Thursday, July 26, 2007

After Training

A fine photo marts and I after a good red face workout
in da gym

The german aliens r invading

Mark the german alien is prime target


Manwell the Giant

Gotta Love the Snooze Button

I was absoulutely love-ing the Snooze button this morning, just one and then another followed by another and then another lol, I wish they made snooze buttons that feel as if they are 12 hours long packed in 10 minutes, nope its the other way round 10 mins in the morning feels like 1 minute of sleep (terrible and Bloody awful). More bloody rain and then after that more bloody rain. Im supposed to be in the garden this time of year on the barbecue but no. I think this weather makes u want to sleep and moan, and yes I do think we need that little bit of energy source for our human bodys from the sun (vit d) such a shame we dont get enough of it. One day ill remember what the sun was like.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Return on the pap

Not a very intresting day, just the usual day by day fun and games. Not I will infact be blogging from my phone soon once I get it set up, then I shall have some fun publishing stuff stright from my phone. The pap will strike back oh yes

Monday, July 23, 2007


This Is mark e ThEMan

Rainy Rain

I cant get over how much rain we have recieved over the past couple of days, the culture we have grown into envolves staying and watching telly while the rain pisses down outside. Is this what its all come down to for britain, before long when climate change takes full effect britain will be know as the rainy country. People would come here to experience rain holidays, wet weather weekends etc, I suppose this is all in the future.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A deep start from end to finsh

Theres times like this when you dont know where to start or Finish, I would love to know what stage I am in my life at the moment without the hustle and bustle of cloaking and cloudyness from it. The feeling I get from deep within is a little frustrated strong man wanting to get out and tell people what to do, and where to go. In difficult times I suppose he shows a little of what I can be, and in easy times he just tucks away sitting there waiting for the next challenge to come along. One thing I know for certain there is in fact something there beyond your sub conscious waiting there ready to take on brave times. Deep within there is a person of courage and bravery waiting to be realeased, God only knows what it would take to release him into the wild of life. What an emotional being to have deep within.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Bike Ride

Me and hayls decided it was time to give the sibling's a taste of the real world of excercise. Mwa hahahahaha. And how painfull it was for their little legs, caitlynne who peddled like mad when she knew the reward was ice cream after the long stretch of clyne park walkway, but then soon after knowing she had to peddle back with no reward. She decided her legs were hurting just too much and stoped every two seconds on the way back repeatly saying the famous words of ' My legs are hurting' I halted so many times that I felt my arms were hurting more than my legs, which is a little unsual considering we were on a bike ride, anyways heres some lovely photo's of painfull event of starting and stoping.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sunday Outing 22nd

Last Sunday We went out on a family venture (Since hayls has opt in to have sunday's off from work, we have decided it is to be family outing day) First We went down to the Gower heritage centre in swansea then to the marina, waterfront museum then A nice joes ice cream then home... it went quite well......

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Im Back from the television world

After spending much time away from my pc due to my internet being down for a week I feel as if I have changed a hell of alot, cant understand how. It seems I was damned to the world of television everynight. It seemed a bit of pain in the arse at first but then it all came quite clear I was once again laughing at the tv screen, Havent done that in a while. But now it seems much much better to be back with my old trusty internet. I backed up all my pictures, music and footage on a bargain of a external hardrive I had from pc world for 59 quid for two hundred and fifty gb. brilliant. Backed it all up and reset the lot only to get it all working again. yipee, I did at one point get a little desprate and try to ring virgin (ntl) for help but it seemed as if I was only going around in circles trying to explain my name to some foreigner before the helping part began (Pakistan- I think the call centre was in). Finally I would just like to say I will be posting lots of pictures in my gallery and lots of stories for the main homepage. See ya's

Friday, February 23, 2007

Faraway Fatcats

Today I felt a little more faraway than usual, Went over the pub lunchtime only to find that Martin, and Mark were chatting away about things and I was infact far away in the clouds (Maybe its the little overdose of sudafed I took in the morning - to get rid of my cold). The sniffles are terrible when they get to you. But good old Trusty suddy took it away for hopefully another day. I volunteered to do a little bit of support (manual physical lifting work) for a month or two to get it sorted.I suppose they need amazing expertise in brainstorming- I suppose my vast amazing imagination takes its toll in moments of need sometimes when it comes to idea's then they get shattered away by some Fatcat sitting on his perch higher up who hasnt a clue what the front line of work is like, but hey he know's best he is in fact authority and so he shall be obeyed......or maybe not

On a lighter note Ive in fact won another competition Today which I'm infact quite proud off (my hard work is paying off yay!- its not much but Im getting a response all the same)
I have won Tickets for NME music awards London they are worth £12.50 each x2
and they have to be used by the 28th. Im going to have to decide what the hell im going to do with them, Ill figure something out.

Im going to finish this entry with the website of Chad Vader, which I find is extremely funny and got my vote on the awards for best internet star ( you can see they spent alot of time and money on the filming). They should honestly make into a proper Tv Series - Brilliant!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Real Simulation of Overtime

I done a little bit of overtime today Started off as one of those mindless days where You dont awaken for a while, Then all of a sudden with a little bit of coxing conversation I came alive around break time. I had these wonderfull would be ideas of what I was going to do with my day but it turned into a couch potato day (dont know why, my motivation lately feels as if its gone right down the plug hole) but never the less I came up with few little ideas with the help of my inspiration, my Focus magazine. I think Ive been reading it for most of the day (lovit).
And after reading 90% of last months issue before reading the next one the things that intrested me the most was shown on the following sites :
A site on where you take a test to see what super hero matches your criteria
A site which delves deep into Research on the subconcious mind (Right up my street)

then there is a big section on 'creating your own universe'

where this stood out the most to me :

A little arguement on 'us as Humans living in a computer simulation, the possibilities of it being real'

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Grand Round Age Of Fiver.

Kieran has hit the nice Round age of 5, If I think hard enough I can remember my fifth birthday. ( no I cant) wonder what I had for it. Might ask my perants to find out. Anyways We spoilt him rotten, as soon as I got home I could see that his grandfather had already bought him a space ship, So I offered to take him to Toys 'r' us to pick a nice little toy and Guess what he choose the figures that go with the spaceship (X-men, I was shocked that he knew this, As I wouldnt have had a clue. Its like kids have got a degree in toy- oligy or something.) After spending around a hour trape-sing around the toystore searching for presents for caitlynne as well as kieran, its only fair you have to buy for both. Caitlynne had a little prezzie, a unicorn horsey. We then decided to make a meal of things and go to Pizza Hut. I've never been before and what a experience it was. Very modern inside. Ive never washed my hands in a bowl in the toilet before it made me laugh loads, the waiters were on cloud nine and so layed back that they didnt know that they had to serve customers lol, just couldnt stop laughin it was so funny. Nothing made sense in there it all seemed really unusual, Where the till was and everything. When We got served it felt as if the waiter was the chef and the farmer, Spending the time to pluck the chicken, grow the vedge and milk the goats for cheese for our pizza. When recieved it did seem nice but a little too rich for the likes of mine and hayls taste buds. Kieran kept on makeing a show of him self and shouting that his margerita pizza was bleeding lol. Just couldnt stop laughing. Must be the most unusual restraunt I have been to and the last by the sounds of hayls complaints.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Nothing to do, But seek fame 'not' lol

Ive managed to do quite alot these past few days, odd indeed considering Ive had all week to do things but Ive spent them relaxing and shopping (with no money :( ) and eating mostly. Aint it funny that when You are comeing to the end of a project of a good idea of something alike, the most affect happens or you do the most of the work towards the end. Like your subconcious is thinking deep down I aint got much time left so I have to get on with more. I hope you know what I mean....

Ive just finished Updating my Friends Reunited
with which im hoping someone from school would email me or leave a comment. I suppose the best way to find out how much you have changed is to get in contact with someone who hasnt seen you in years. I suppose something like that brings on an impact of self importance to your self esteem etc ( Damn I talk some shit )

Also I have just put one (yes just one) item up for sale on ebay and that would be the old vintage 3d 1980's handheld game I am hoping it will go to a nice little collector who will look after it for years to come.

And something I found really intresting today was the fact that the Focus magazine was jam packed full of facts and storys that tickled my fancy front page material was that of How to gain internet fame (orr how we crave it lol) with which I watched the numa boy who in fact had an overall unbelievable 700,000,000 viewers looking at his video, Here's his new Website where you will find his new video. I thought it was good but not as good as the original. A bit like a film when someone releases a sequel nine times out of ten they never turn out as good as the original ( apart from the little few e.g. Terminator 2 ).
Another famous clip was that of the star wars kid, who in fact I was shocked to read actually caused Distress Towards his fame due to him not wanting it shown on the internet after his noble college buddies uploaded it without his consent .

p.s. Before I go I just spotted this and I thought 'now thats what I call a sequel' star wars kid 2

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Parenting Programming

Just done my psychology homework in the afternoon.Im not feeling tired, Its a first. earlier I bought some eye drops for tired computer eyes ( I think they seem to have done the trick a little).
Ive found that time is going tremendously slow, it seem's as if without work there is little to find out about myself, Its like work as become part of me so much that Ive forgotten who I am without it. I dont like the fact that I have to work nearly everyday, but without it I feel different. My upbringing was strict on the fact that you had to be in school, work or college everyday and not miss one day (no excuses), to be programmed this way is a good thing but in a sense a bad thing. It shows that you are too scared of change towards taking a sick day, maybe reflecting on a person's lifestyle towards change. Too scared to venture out of the norm of working everyday of your life, too scared of someone finding out about your telling a lie, too scared about groups of people ( what would they say, what would they do) afraid of hurting those close to you, around you when in groups with other people. I hate it. I have come to the conclusion of programming by perants brings on leathal consiquences later on in life, so I suppose you have to try ( and I mean try ) To give children guidence of resulting consiquences, rather than telling them what to do and what they must not do. e.g. dont do this, dont do that etc etc etc..................
It sounds like broken record, I did try it a couple of week's ago and found as and example that Children are ignorent to repeated phrases, sometimes nagotiable towards sweets and chocolate but damn forsaken blind to reverse psychology ha ha ha. And yes it worked my little plan worked. I told kieran (my son) that his room is looking tidy than it usually is and asked him did he clean it. His reply was unforgetable as this little question made him feel very guilty and so off he went to clean his pit of hell, after explaining that he was cheif cleaner, he had caitlynne hepling him too. yay it worked. But weeks later though I think Ive gone back to my old ways of shouting and screaming in stress and despair.

Monday, January 22, 2007

My New Snap Happy cam

yay...... A week off for the Leightster. I gave Short notice, but who gives a damn it was uproved and here I am Monday Morning With a week to spair No Ties, ( well a little bit of homework to do) . Well not much. Im going to go for long walks and take loads of snaps to stick on here with my new Camera yipppeee..... my casio exilim 7.2 mega pixel (miniture) ex-z70.
What an amazing camera its so small and snappy, its like haveing a top of the range camera in miniture and for taking quick paparazzi snaps at family, friends and work colleagues its a breeze, it catches them at thier very best and the filming. phew!
Maybe im over exaggerating but this nifty little piece of kit was all down to me researching the internet for a awesome pocket camera and I came to my own conclusion after reading many reviews that this is the one for me, and it sure the hell was. I love it. But im still not getting rid of my canon powershot a40 ( theres something about its clean clear crisp 2.0 million pictures I love)
Keep tuned for some of my snaps and footage. he hee hee

Lets Talk Brekky Fast

Ive Spent most of my Day out and da bout in shops and stuff, with no money:(. I had a awsome breakfast in the cross cafe in careathin Swansea ( If you ever there pop- in. Its really really nice, Im definately going there again. The customer service is awesome and they give ya loads on your plate. Not scrimpy serving's like some places. Better to have to much than too little.

Friday, January 19, 2007

A Clean Change

Ive spent most of today half a sleep I dont what the hell is wrong with me. Im feeling a more tired than I have ever felt all week I think its due to the hard work load ive been dealing with lately and stress finally catching up with me, taking its toll on me. I think this has resulting in me taking a nice week off work to relax and catch up on who I really am etc, you know the finer things in life like taking strolls and snapping the odd photo now and again, clearing out all them cobwebs for the new year (Early Spring Clean) and making more space for new and exciting things if you know what I mean. I suppose the more organised and clean things are the more better it makes you feel deep down, Ive decided im going to make a good impression on myself and be a bit more organised and tidy with all my bits and bobs, and finish a few little projects i've been thinking about ( I will go into detail later )

For some odd reason I have'nt played the xbox for a while, but Im planning on taking on a few challenges which involve games, with this little bit of time I have off, this up and come-ing week.

I am hoping to spend the week doing different things and not get into a repetative manner of playing computer games day in and out, wasting loads and loads of time, I mean I am going to play them but not make a habit of it. I am going to go to more scenic places and take in lots and lots of country air and make the most of life by hopefully doing more leisurely activities ( I need to experience different things again.) with the work I do, A lot of indoor work, Which im not complaining about, but it is nice to take some nice clean crisp fresh air instead of that old stale, sleepy goverment Air( If you know what I mean)

Watch this space for the changes.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Photo update

Ive Just updated the gallery with new photos which havent been updated for a while

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)