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Wednesday, October 05, 2011


A work colleague, varney playing abit of ruggers is claim to fame for today, in da guardian. P.s. We lov ya varney. Lol

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Afternoon = Alien Fishermen

At the moment just chilling out with kids, usual thing just spending our culture indoors faffing about online and playing ps3. If we had flippers and an immune system like fish then I suppose it would be worth going out and playing in the cold torie rain, but then theres the chance of being hooked by the gullet by some alien fisherman lol if we were fishes.
Fishes tend to spend all of their life under water until one day some fisherman gets a little bit of luck and catches it.
Just like a goldfish, I suppose human existence spends its time in a glass globe of earth and sea, only on a larger scale.
You could say we are like Goldfish in a Giant ball of atmosphere ready to be picked off by alien fishermen. lol abduction. one being picked off now and again. One day the Alien Fishermen will get greedy like man and pick a nice big batch of human Goldfish lol

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Il never ever forget this entry its so funny : blurry nights of fun 2006

Friday Night (3rd Nov) must have been one of the best nights out I have had in a long time. Trying to remember it, is like trying to get that last bit of ice-cream from the bottom of the tub with a large spoon, with which you will never taste that delicious cream of ice untill someone comes along in work and fills you in with all the bits you could not remember like someone giving you a small spoon for the delicious bits, The delicious bits being the flash backs of course with extras. Yeah thank god for Andrew (Sharky) and his powerful memory we were to complete most of the night. Marcus Polius the tit Meister (he got a big tit and he like's to show it. And well done to him he done his bit for his country by showin his big brown tit
and so The night was young as we started our long mission, with a nice hot chocolate in Monkey bar mmmmmm Chocolate ( I know what ya thinking yer a bit strange for a night out hot choco, but at the end of the day it was gorgeous and lovely, what a change.
I met martin whilst on my way to monkey bar, where the adventure began after a brief hot choco, everyone turned up even The legendary Mr Barrow who has just left us So it was little bit of a double celebration. After a little bit of drink in monkey I was getting heated up for the lovely Bermuda Triangle (ahh the Joy).
we were on our way down there, just about to enter there when Bovril decided to take control of the group last minute and for some bizarre reason to take us to boring Bank Statement, At this point I was feeling a little pissed off as The conversation that were happening around the table were that of promotional nature about boring work (the last thing you want to talk about when ya out is work)
So I SPONTANOUSLY went to the bar and got a round of lovely tequila, where everyone all of a sudden knew everything about lemons and salt, I ate the lemon and downed the tequila and before you knew it I felt a little better of my daily dose of what the doctor ordered. It was then on to the Bermuda Triangle yay!!! Where the Dreams happen and fun begins and so, the so called Death Tequila was sampled By Mr Barrow and myself (tasted like pure hot Crap) errrrr!!!
Then I bought a round of the lovely stuff which was going to change the night Well After that PHEW!!!
Aparently sources tell me that there was Lot going on when we proceeded to the bar next door (Sa1) A sex on the Beach was ordered after convincing Mr Barrow it was lovely, ( well I took the gamble as he was threatning me how beyond its going to be if it doesnt taste nice, but before you know it loads of people were giving me loads of orange paper and so I traded them in for the lovely refreshing stuff at one point we were supposed to have had one jug each.)
We then Decided to move on to chicago rock for a lovely little dance
( where we found lots of lovely tunes.) Martin found a lovely Cue Rope (fetish) which he inherited from somewhere he was getting quite attached to it untill the bouncer Confiscated it. He was really dissapointed I wonder who grassed him up the bas****$, If I ever meet the person who grassed Ill kill them.
After Martin had a Refreshing Head flush in Bogs it was onward To the Outrageous Flares, Where on the lovely Magical joyfull journey I went picking some fresh roses from the church outside the quadrant, For the Famous Mr Barrow, Then there was a sudden bang as martin nearly had his way with little woods window, it was almost a smash n Grab I think he was a little upset due to the withdrawl symtoms of loosing his little momentum (arrrrr he's never had a Navy one, poor guy) yay!!! onwards by now im pisssed as fart nearly falling down potholes and shit, we arrived at flares with which I cant remeber much (blurrr) I know we were dancing and dancing and Mr Barrow refused to dance as he was saying about some girl on the dance floor who has been on the sick for ages and has a sick record as long as his arm!! hee hee. Never mind Mr Barrow She might not remember monday morning when She has her nasty stage 2 displinary from you. And so he came round and we danced and danced and danced then ammmmm then ammmmmm Phew!!hard to remember mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Food
Curry and chips and a large sausage in batter I think mr Barrow had the same The orders were all wrong but we couldnt be arsed to argue, just to be gratefull and eat like we have never eaten before and wasnt it a nice meal.
We caught a Sparkling White Taxi across the road (which I never catch because theyre always too expensive - but what the hell we were With mr barrow - yeah ) the money was flowing out of Mr Barrow's pockets as he gave me A (What!) fiver lol. Remember last time ,oh yeah he payed the expensive taxi last time, damn he remembered and so I was lumbered with most of the taxi fayre. But The Taxi man was a lovely man, Well he had to be to put a bunch Absinth heads at the back of cabby. We were tempted to get Mrs Barrow up to cook us a lovely hearty breakfast but dissopointetely MR Barrow objected He replied " no you bloody wont". It then dawned on me why martin told me to take my earing's out before flares, And so the truth was revealed has he gave me one hell of clout in the taxi, we were brawling and in the back of the cab, Must have give the taximan a mighty fine tip as his cheesy grin was enourmous, we were in someones drive just brawling and wrestling when a light came on we ran for our dear lifes as we heard a dog barking, we didnt give up clouting each other, I used My advanced neaderthal Knowledge and picked meself a mighty fine twig and so the little sparrow martin was arsed spanked all the way down the fuck*** street hee hee never laughed so much But he had his own back when we got back and took this lovely family photo of me taking a shit (the Fuck"*& BAstar$)

Lottery Winner

I read today in the metro paper of the letters part about a person who won the lottery, I was shocked to find that this person won 2.5 million. Good for her i thought. I read on only to find to my amazement that she was going to carry on working in asda, I think this is absoulutely effing sick as for a start there are people out there that would give their left arm for a job these days. People who win and want to carry on work are so pissing narrow minded, Im thinking theyre bred, no assumulated into society of work and they dont know any different. people like this are so uncreative they dont deserve to win, why do the lottery in the first place if they want to carry on working. If they want to carry on working then why not give some to charity, or start a business, or buy a business even, or help people or do something. Its bred into them to be poverty minded, unless a big change happens, then they will always think poverty minded even with 2.5 million in the bank. They need a councillor to guide them into right direction of the possibilities of what can be done with a opportunity like that. :-)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ebay, a ripoff

It started off as tidy website for PEOPLE to sell there second hand goods, but now it seems that normal bog standard shops are jumping on the bandwagon to make make money nevermind the fact that they have shops everywhere. To think ebay have accepted this, when all along its meant for a quick sale for the public. Not only that now theyre charging is scandelous just because they have a name for theirselves. Like 20% tax at the end result of listing something, on second hand goods. Aint there a law against this, as u have already paid tax on something that is new. Its about time some other online auction sites had a chance to give ebay a bit of competition, my advice would be, is to use its free, it will save u a fortune.   

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Friday, September 09, 2011

Loosing things, its up there somewhere in the mind lol

I often wonder where things go when you loose them, and now I know lol, in the place where you lost them in your mind. If you could recall that certain brain pattern you had when you lost it, then it would return. But Would it, through reading up on hypnotism I learnt that the hypnotist can actually talk to the sub conscious whilst under. Things are stored in your sub conscious that you or I would never know e.g. where we put that favourite toy we always loved as a child never to know where its ended up. It takes the key master (hypnotist) to unlock the power with mind munipilation. The hypnotist has the keys to unlock such information for the basic things in life. The Sub conscious needs to communicate to the conscious but real life occurances blocks this out through learning new things and interuptions such as e.g hey son/daughter look at the pretty cat over there (to learn). A hypnotist can know every aspect of your life when under if he/she so desires. p.s. and tell you where you lost that toy you desired and loved as a child.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Dream state

To think theres another world of dream state to be explored.
From a friend I recieved this beautiful bit of music which helps
and does in fact send you to sleep for some reason.
Try It!

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)