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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Duplicate of the Leightster

I Was Browsing the net this evening, looking at google earth mostly, its an amazing package.
I was absoulutely shocked to come accross a photo in the nantional geographical section of a person who looks the spitting image of me from the side ( Scary)

heres the link to the pic

My Twin in america and Homeless

Ive over heard people's conversations in the past on how they have saw theyre twin in town earlier, and the great myth is that every person has a twin somewhere else on earth, mmm doubles.
Soul mate doubles, Why would the great creator do such a thing, there must be a reason, maybe Ive stubled accross my twin. Now that would be well and truly cool and to find out hes finding his way around life with great difficulty. It makes me think that mine was easy compared to his. I I I Suppose looking at his life makes me feel gratefull for the way things have turned out in mine, but am I scared to face the bravery he has gone through and my shell is too cosy to come out from and discover new things. When My twin has no home but so much vast knowledge of bravery that he would not be scared of what would go wrong, and would not be negative about success but to take that all important leap from his shell that he never had. I hope he's successful whoever he is?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Robo Cat

I Thought I would have a quick look of what was on the net and came across this I thought it was the most funniest thing ive seen in a long time, not many cat owners might find it funny. Its just thats in the cats face as hes going round and round, its just so funny lol. Then once you have watched it read the comments they were even funnier, I was then crying with lafter......

heres the link

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thoughtful post

I thought I would at least make the effort and post,
well as a start from my point of view not much has happned in my life, just that at this very moment in time I have completed my first week of my two weeks off work and boy has it gone quick took a few photos of 3 cliffs which I shall post soon. Took the kids too see what a tree and beach looks like lol. basically Im coming to point where I get really really creative, as im off work i tend to spend alot of time thinking and becoming creative etc. And when Im in work week in week out its just a mind numbing experience of drumming a keyboard to get pay. But hey its job at the end of the day and not many people got jobs where they sit down all day, so I should be grateful.
Ive just read a brilliant book called the philosophy files which I borrowed from my cousin got loads of intresting facts in it about life, meaning of life, reality etc. Im not going to bore you with the texts but its a bit of eye opener for those of you who like a nice easy read.

Ive spent a hell of alot of time just entering and entering comps over and over and over, please let me win, hopefully I will win..............................
well have to go now may there be many more posting's see ya's

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)