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Saturday, August 29, 2009

2012 theory

what you think of this then for a theory
the theory ?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Economy collapsing

U know if all of a sudden if all the buildings in the world that hold the financial status of every indiviual didn't exist all of a sudden what would you do? Notes and currency would become obselete, all the money u saved didn't exist, and there wouldn't be a thing u could do about, if they all the buildings in the country got destroyed all of a sudden by a massive earthquake. The people who are rich in possesions would become richer, and those possesions that could produce needed essentials would become priority, knowledge of basic defensive living and survival would be top of the list. If this was it, paper with the queens head would be worthless but produce produced by locals would be rich. Trading and bartering would be essential. Only the strongest independent people would survive.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

just a little research into an interest

just a quick entry on what i was watching this sunday morning, I found a good site (blogg) which shows things maybe going to happen in 2012, take a look

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


(Looking at it in a fantasy way )The goverment are a greedy load of fucking vampires. Squeezing every drop of fucking blood(money) from us through a Daylight robbery word that is acccepted by society as the word tax. I mean tax a little like (we gotta have tax), but they being fucking beyond and greedy and taxing everyfucking thing until we have no blood left to give. As the saying goes we give all our blood and sweat to working hard only to have it taken off us by greedy theifs which got permission to do it because they have the law behind them (the law = the legal mafia)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Markos lunchtime masterpiece

Look at all the effort that was put into this masterpiece :-)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Gotta luv da pool

Went to shoot some pool with da drugster, whatya think of thid classic shot, ace innit.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tax fucking tax

Tax on u r pay what's that about and what's it for lol us brits just sit tight and pay it lol, tax on watching tele, tax on ya car, tax on petrol, tax on food(eating), tax on living in ya own home, tax on drinking and enjoying, fines on enjoying, tax on coming back in country, tax on charities, tax on services, tax on businesses. Taxes on saving, taxes on winnings, taxes heneritunce. Tax fucking tax, all the fucking time. And they wonder why people cheat the system. Wooo fucking tax. P.s britains future on tax lol tax for breathing oxygen, tax for walking, tax for using a brolley, tax on cycling (mobile unit), tax on using the toilet sewerage, tax on black bin bags u put out, tax on having 2 many kids, tax for travellers (gypsy tax) tax on 2 home addresses. There's not much u can think of because they have taxed fucking everything lol


This is me

Sunday, August 09, 2009


My last cigarette, I'm not smoking anymore, I'm going to become more healthy. This is a promise to myself and my blogg. :-)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Its a brilliant Monday :-) :-) :-)

I got a funny feeling tha aliens are gonna come down from the skys above and not want to take over the earth but take all of its prize possession gold which is our ownly source of wealth, so not wanting to kill us directly but willing to do what they can to take the gold, the question is do we just sit back and let them take our riches. The very few of us that are not greedy will not die, but stay here on earth to start over from fresh. Only to have our minds erased to carry on like nothing ever happened, and we would never know, only to see a meer coincidence that is odd but we are willing to accept. A coincedence is a time relapse with which we are willing to accept as just a meer relapse in time which we must ignore, and then nowone questions it, just accepts it and gives it a fancy name. With which I suppose the sub conscious sees it as a word that's greatly accepted. A relapse in time and space which humans ACCEPT as a coincidence, its funny how we confirm it as something we have seen before, definantely, but we never question where the hell did the prediction come from in the beggining, just carry on with life thinking its something we should just forget about carry on as normal. Its mad we have just confirmed to our selves that we have predicted the future, only to deplete it, because of denial of not believing that nowone can predict future. So accepting it but not believing so the vital part of it is that have we pedicted the future in the past so it ,makes it a memory into what we have done before. Don't know where don't know when, but why is it there. Isit in our dna already, the future. Or isit something we do in our dreams as souls, predict the future whilst dreaming only to save us from knowing to much about our future it gets suppressed into our sub conscious only to be forgotten about until the day where we have meer conicidence which we accept but deplete as a thing out of the ordinary. same goes for forgetting it when we awaken from a dream. So we train our brains to forget the dreams where we predict the future. Only to confirm them as a dai ya vuex and carry on as normal. What ya fink amazing innit?

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)