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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Dream car!

Had a dream last night that my cousin and I found a clapped out car parked in swansea's marina, to my assumption I'm thinking that it was left abandoned. It wasn't in very good shape but the keys were in it (awesome) and overall the fact that it was the car of my dreams lol, a Delorean..............

I tried the door and found it open, I only wanted a picture of me sitting inside it. So Robert insisted on taking a picture as quick as he could and so the shutter on the lense was snapping away. I was hurrying and worrying about the owner coming back and catching us, I then had a sudden wave of thought of just not caring, and at that very moment the glove box fell open and the keys fell to the ground.

I looked at Robert he looked at me in amazement. I mean what are the odds of someone leaving the keys in the glove compartment, a million thoughts were going though my head, but it was mine,oh yes.

We managed to get it home in one piece 'well bits and pieces'. Hard work being stuck in first gear the axle's all stiff and seized and stopping and parking up every bloody moment of seeing the old bill (police)  

Whilst parked outside the house I looked beyond the rust and battered door, smashed lights etc I stared at it with a twinkle in my eye. I thought with much excitement that my project has just began........... I then awoke .......... GUTTED!

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Monk-ey business

Had a dream last night I was sitting on a rock in a forrest, and on the other side of the valley there were enlightened monks performing the last of their training. They were meditating and hovering. The one I saw was spinning forward with a forward roll whilst hovering. Learning the fine art of keeping his balance was a challenge for him or maybe he was doing it correctly and he didn't even know it. He did fly towards me then past me at a tremendous speed. I then awoke. :)

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)