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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pot belly's hate Treadmills

Ive now realised that when you work out alot you feel much better, I knew that before but not as much as I do now if you know what I mean. I can eventually see why people go for a jog or run now, before I thought it was a bit of joke to see people running in their little skimpy shorts looking mightly fucking dull but now I will be joining them becuase tommorow hopefully i will be obtaining a tread mill, with which hopefully I can get rid of this pot, I know a havent shut up about it. But it will be gone oh yes it will be gone. Ive noticed a little change in my body, what i am hoping is that maybe I will be able to remove this horrible double chin and dark eyes. Ive also noticed my head line is beggining to receed a little and thought how the hell am I going to look in a few years time. Dark under the eyes, fat pot belly, double chin, and to top it all off bald. On a lighter note my exeperience is more than what I can ask for in life, what ive achieved is much more than what I expected. You could say Im not rich in cash , but rich in company, I dont think will ever be alone.
I Love You all!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Bench Of Scenery

I now name a particular bench in town my bench of scenery because I always seem to end up on this special bench, and the scenery looking over castle gardens is a up most must
for many people visiting swansea, I always seem to be attracted to this bench whilst on my travels, I wonder why this bench is so special. Maybe its something to do with space time that I have to visit this bench in different states of ruined-ness, or maybe its trying to give me a insight into my future life of hanging out on park benches looking for food in bins, and traveling, or maybe just maybe its something beyond my

Monday, June 12, 2006

Fitness and Comping

Well, where the fuck to I start. I noticed that I have been feeling a lot better lately. I been continually hacking away at the fitness and noticed that im looking better. Not much, but enough for me too notice. Im going to keep at it and this god forsaken curse of tummy pot which Ive had most of my life will be gone forever (hopefully). Hoping to get a treadmill soon which im really really looking forward, Ive noticed today that my body is getting a little bored of the same usual routine of rowing machine, I need a little spice of fitness, and I think a treadmill would be just the ticket.

Ive noticed that my chum martin has done a blogg after all the critism he's made about bloggs being boring he goes and creates one for himself. I find his blogg very emotional and deep feeling take a look

Ive continued doing my comps, havent won nothing extremely big yet. but I suppose you have to be in it to win it, thats why ive joined a awesome website if ya into comping it shows loads and loads of comps that you can enter and keeps track of them

I just got to keep on entering and entering as many as I can and maybe just maybe I will hopfully win big this time round.
The mag which Is the mag I subscribe to is as follows

you should try it hopefully you will win something

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)