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Thursday, January 03, 2013

All as One

All da people are coming together, in like a pyramid shape, socializing, socializing and socializing. we are but creatures of a social nature. That's the life and soul of existence, obtaining emotions from it Transferring energy from one and another, to love or to hate. TO GET TO WHERE WE NEED TO BE FROM THOUGHT!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A unexpected email from the past

an email I sent myself using 2 years in the past. makes me laff aye lol 21/12/2012 Dear FutureMe, well this is the end of the world, Wonder what happened I bet it was something to do with the weather, of have we had a solar storm or something or maybe a volcano. I bet you sitting in the house reading this while sipping some green tea lol. well nothing has happened as it lol try it

Imagine This

Imagine this, I just had visionary sci-fi idea, Imagine We had syndicate droids capable of carrying out tasks throughout the day controlled Through telepathy within our minds controlled by a microchip which is attached to our brains. So within the mind it asks for a task and from within its training it seeks out the goal and whilst its doing this it talks to you through your mind through a social network of biological Thought. I'm thinking you would most probably be able to beam yourself into the body of the droid, being where they are. And taking on two droids and beaming to both of where they. A network of Droids controlled by the human mind, lol We would be all hopping and skipping to different parts of the globe, and maybe the universe. Thinking about it we might already be in the early stages of a biological being which is cut off from the possibilities of the next phase and step of human ascension.

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)