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Sunday, June 23, 2019

20 days from

Its funny how that we tend to spend the most precious of our time on things that are in important, and then priortise things on what matter the most. What you always find is that when people are on there death bed they always say that I wish I spent more time with family, friends and playing. Life is what you make it.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

We/People Suggestion 'We always have to move to the pineal gland thought' etc esoteric

Conscious thought on using the pineal gland as a start from the morning thinking, from my perspective is a thought pattern that sends you to a path of grounded reasurrance of comfort within the minds-eye. There are wormhole/bridges from each gland outwards towards reality (its up to your 135 (logic)belief system that you accept the choices you have made in life.) From what I can see the logic coding from moving left to right brain hemishere (which works from my/your persona) through visual perception you can look at a paradigm (shift) picture (cadlestick picture etc, my picture lol)
and move from different feeling thought patterns.

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)