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Sunday, July 29, 2012


omg! Its hard to believe the thought I had this morning, Imagine if everyone on the internet had the trust in their hearts to give a pound through paypal to everyone in the world one by one, there are millions of people in the world. That one person would have millions in cash, thereby claiming the interest from the bank, taking what they need, a million for a nice home and car. (nobody needs more than a million, that one person could be you lol) instantly! then taking into consideration the others (if they could veer away from corruption and greed, which is hard)and give the next person or family a pound then for them to do the same. THE BIG RESULT OF ALL THIS WOULD BE THAT EVERYONE WOULD BE UP TO SPEED WITH BASIC RICHES OF A HOUSE OWNED AND A VEHICLE. In other words if there was 100% trust without corruption, and people stuck by other people then the world would be rich for everyone on the planet. Theres loads and loads and loads and loads of riches to go round. PLEASE AW PLEASE Click the advertisement at the bottom, to keep by blogg running and for me to have more time to write my beautiful articles. which I love doing but am too tired sometimes to create articles during the day due to my creative juices which have been sucked away during the daily working activities :-) Thank you loads and loads and loads :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Translation mobile app

Had am amazing dream last night, I had a dream I had a phone with the processor being so quick that there was a app build into the phone that when u phone someone abroad who's foreign AND can't speak English then the phone would pick up u r speech, dialect and accent, and translate it into the language automatically on the other side of the world with amazing speed and precision. So fast with no pose at all. (Speaking in tongues) I was able to speak to any one in any language instantly and keep the personality of my voice.

Absolutely amazing what dreams can produce aye. :)

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