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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The net is my Oyster

I went to use my lovely little laptop the other day and found out that it wasnt charging due to the charger being on strike, and yes you guessed its nackered, I was gutted my saturday night came crashing down around me, no computer, no internet, no sky television (disconnected- forgot to pay expensive bill earlier in the month),so there was the bog standard box in front of me , I watched stars in there eyes and thought oh my god im dying my computer has died and so is my brain, its going lifeless due to lack of things to look forward too, and it did, all day sunday I was in a complete daze, but then my mother came to the rescue and lent me her lovely laptop (extreeeemely lovely), and so with this lovely widescreen sony vaio 3.06 ghz, 128 graphics ati card, 40gb hard drive, I shall blitz the net and games world that has been waiting for me for such a long long long time. Finally I can multi task without error messages being in my eyes, due to lack of performance from my age old chugger laptop, (bloody thing- dying on me, ill never forgive it). And so has time goes on and I get solemly attached to this fine laptop my mother has donated ( or Maybe given!) a great glare of kindness lights up my heart, cheers mam its a fine laptop (hope you dont read my blogg. lo0lolololol) its mine all mine, the power is mine, I can play games of all venya, whilst in the mobility of my own home

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Deep sea or Sea Skimmer

Ive spent much of today working out What can make me happy whilst working (keying). Ive found that when I type (key) My mind often wonders like mad thinking of different things maybe a hundred million ideas at once, I have tried to jot them down, but they either get lost or when I go back to them they dont make any sense at all. I would agree with any one looking back at myself that I am in fact a serious deep thinker, unfortunately this is a problem I have had most of my life. e.g. When I think or look at an object I like to look into it = like where did it come from, whats its story, how did it come about, what if you had another just like it and performed a few experiments on it to see how it turns out, what do other people think of it, the amount of question's you can place on one single object are astronomical, but then you have people who think differently, e.g. you place a apple in front of them and ask them to tell you as much as you can by looking through every aspect of the apple, they would in fact look back at you puzzled as too what the hell are you going on about, and these people in fact are through my eyes are sea skimmers, not willing to go any deeper into the ocean of life, happy to plod along with the comforts of new clothes, shopping, football, haircuts, etc etc. Whilst not asking one little question of how they got here or anything.

Then you got your mid sea swimmers who are happy to delve a little into what they know but not willing to go a little deeper to the fact of there being that little something beyond what they are looking at.

And last but not least the deep sea divers who are in fact bursting with conversation about every aspect of philosophy, technology and science etc. When two deep sea divers are placed in the same room, the conversations could turn out non stop and ultimately amazing. (e.g. Einstein and his group of theoroatrical physists)

There are in fact many different swimmers in the ocean of life, only a few are deep, and I suppose alot are skimmers, the only way im going to split most of the deep sea with the skimmers is, as an example would be what i've wrote here for a start, whoever I find Coming back to me asking me what the hell am I going on about in this entry, then I know for a fact that they are sea skimmers and not potential deep sea divers, due to there lack of intension of not thinking deep about the possibilities of certain peoples minds and taking in my entry

I hope you all understand, I will in fact look deeper into my thoery of the way certain minds work and how deep can a shallow mind go, now thinking about it that would be a challenge. To turn a sea skimmer into a deep thinker (I wonder if it would take a mid life crisis or something for them to actually realise the possibillities of questions and the deep thought of life.)

I suppose the possibilties are endless on this subject I mean how deep can the mind go, how long is a piece of string. But I do know one thing though no matter how much abuse your mind takes, You will in fact always be in control of it untill the very end............( without illness)

Friday, March 17, 2006

When ya tired and need a little boost

After a long day towards the end of the night when I want to create a entry in my blog I am normally a bit too tired and can't be bothered. My mind just wants to sleep. Im awfully tired my eyes are burning. The last thing on your mind is too once again stare at a screen. Its a bit off putting when my job consists of staring at a screen all day. I have just found the saviour to my problem on the way to taking hayls to work I popped into my local shop to get some lockets for my sore throat which I suffered really bad last night with. (It was a sheer nightmare to try and get some sleep lastnight.) Well aparantely I was absouletely shocked to find that they gave me one hell of a energy boost, I thought what the hell is going on, awesome I thought, Im not going to feel so tired now and low and behold it has worked wonders for my sore throat and has given me a shit hot sugar boost, so I think I will be eating them on a regular now, not that I am so keen on them but in the healthy long run they're Grreeeat!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Common Clockface slows time on Sunday

I have spent the last few hours lazing about the house, well i've made a spectacular sunday dinner which I thought I started a little too early but the timing was ok, it was acurately amazing as I and the animals were eating by 12.30. Nice to have a real family meal which turned out perfect, I suppose I have got a knack for shit hot cooking. Its all in the knowledge of passed down perfection from my ancestors and stuff, lol. Apart from that I havent done much just cleaned a little, balled and shouted at the kids for trashing our home, I was chuft to see changing one of the channels that France has beat england in the Rugby. I then turned the channel over to find back to the future being shown on the box, which is a must to watch for any fan, even though I have seen it about 500 times its still amazing through my eyes. The trouble is once you have seen it that many times you dont follow the story as much but tend to look for the smallest little mistakes, but it still from this day on gives me that little tingling feeling in my spine when the best bits come on (e.g. the bit with the electricity bolt, where the the doc has to zip down the cable and save marty by connecting the plugs). It did get me thinking a little of the aspect of time being measured by a clock face, can u imagine if time was not measured by the twelve hour clock face which we take for granted for each ache-ing minute of our life. If it was measured by any other means, like some unformal unfimiliar device, would we think, look and realise the same profound nature of time in the same sort of feeling as we do for common clock face.

Birthday's Gone By

I did not mention on my blogg, it was my son and daughters birthday just gone, the little boy kieran was on the 31st of jan and the little girl caitlynne is on 1st of march (she's proper Welsh, real Welsh lol), heres some pics

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A little of My Philosophy which cooked up Today

Just a tinsy little bit of My philisophy which I cooked up today :

Reality is Accepted As Our Prime Option in the Search of New Life, Visions are decided though its Crisp and Clear Reception, Feeling's are Mutual in the Real World. This is more that what we can ask from Creation.

It sounds O.K. doesn't it

Monday, March 06, 2006

De Olde Bloggs

I thought I would show off a few of the oldie bloggs that I have created, Im sorry to all those providers I have Used and abused but I suppose in my eyes blogger is the best so far.....maybe I will be with for a long time to come.

I did also have a blogg with Martin a mate of mine, good site shame he at to take it offline, I would show you what it used to look like but I aint got anywhere to host it nevermind I will update all my past entries and comments to this site so hopefully I will loose nothing. This site is going to hold the history of my life bloggin in archives its going to be a long painfull process but I will try my best to carry it out and not get bored.

oh and also a little feature, I thought it would be nice to show the Mrs is Blogg. Unfortunately she gave up due to not having much time on her hands and loss of interest, its a shame because it was such an amazing blogg I could not get over the response we use to have from the readers due to it being so different, 2 years on and I asked her if she would carry on with it, she replied no point. Which is a damn shame.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Back to the Future re-lives

Back to future came to life for me today as stumbled across this amazing video produced by some boy who is a big fan, he posted it on which is in fact a good site for uploading film footage, another amazing idea to go with the rest of them on the internet. I thought it was amazing, maybe you will too once you have a sample of it

I thought it was truly amazing for some one to put together something as awesome as that, it really did give me that tigling feeling you get when you are a kid watching something truly spectacular.

A browse For Funny stuff

I spent a little time on the internet a found a few funny things which I thought were extremely funny, maybe you would too. Take a look

The Flying Car (I was laughing for ages after I saw this)

Memoirs of Geisha (I cant wait to see it, it looks really good ha ha ha ha)

The Real Simpsons (it seemed really odd watching this)

These amused me a hell of lot, lol

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A New Hope For Mail

As a little treat I thought I would start doing my competition's again, my mag used to come once a month, I gave them up for a while due to there not being enough funds in my account at the time of paying them, so months on I heard nothing from them untill this morning. They were offering three months of free mags, a offer I could not refuse. So I jumped to it and sent them My bank details this time It will come out on pay day and not towards the end of the month. I cant wait to start doing my competition's again. I know it was a little sad hobby I had But it gave me hope in that great crusade in paying those damn bills which come through the letter box from time to time, It would be nice to experience something a little different coming thorough that dreaded hole in the door, A new hope for mail.

Out for the Count With Flu

Thursday in Work I heard that there was a lot of Flu going around, I thought to myself ah ill never catch it. I drink to much green tea, eat to much fruit etc. guess again Ive been in bed all this week end drugged up to the eyeballs with sudafed, flu plus annadin extra, Ive just managed to peel myself from bed to write this little entry, my eye's practically streaming and hurting at the moment, Im suffering bad, I dont know whether I will be better by monday for work it seems to bad to do anything, suppose I have to visit the doc monday morning see if he can give me some antibiotics or something, I HATE BEING ILL AHHHHHHH BLOODY FLU

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

ASDA trekking

I had a little visit to ASDA last night and had a quick browse in the my favorite mag bbc's Focus. Much to my supprise I noticed a review on a game called legend of mir 3, well not a review has such but a bit of tradgic news for the outcome of one particular occurance. It seems there was a story about a boy in japan who in fact had a little cufuffle with one of his mates about a item that he was not suppose to sell, a knife of some sort which appears to be in the game, which was very rare to game players.

As he was not happy with the results he had from the local police station it all ended in bloodshed, he was suppose to have took the matter into his own hands and stabbed his mate in real life. This has shocked me, knowing that someone would go through the length of killing someone over something that does not exist. I did now know that Fantasy could over come Reality, but in this case it has been proven wrong. I could not imagine for one second how the court case went, The big question is how do they exhibit this piece of evidence (legend of mir 3 sword) which does not exist.

I think that this focus magazine is a shit hot read for people like me who are deep minded, into science, discoveries, inventions, gadgets, Computers, and nature. I for the love me always find it a good read everytime I pick it up, I never find it diss-intresting.

I then went on to read about how computers and the net is affecting peoples lifes. The net is turning into a VR sort of scene of people taking it to the extreme of it being like another life of where you buy and sell land, own possesion's, have jobs, talk to people etc etc (the list goes on)

These are a few sites

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)