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Friday, February 23, 2007

Faraway Fatcats

Today I felt a little more faraway than usual, Went over the pub lunchtime only to find that Martin, and Mark were chatting away about things and I was infact far away in the clouds (Maybe its the little overdose of sudafed I took in the morning - to get rid of my cold). The sniffles are terrible when they get to you. But good old Trusty suddy took it away for hopefully another day. I volunteered to do a little bit of support (manual physical lifting work) for a month or two to get it sorted.I suppose they need amazing expertise in brainstorming- I suppose my vast amazing imagination takes its toll in moments of need sometimes when it comes to idea's then they get shattered away by some Fatcat sitting on his perch higher up who hasnt a clue what the front line of work is like, but hey he know's best he is in fact authority and so he shall be obeyed......or maybe not

On a lighter note Ive in fact won another competition Today which I'm infact quite proud off (my hard work is paying off yay!- its not much but Im getting a response all the same)
I have won Tickets for NME music awards London they are worth £12.50 each x2
and they have to be used by the 28th. Im going to have to decide what the hell im going to do with them, Ill figure something out.

Im going to finish this entry with the website of Chad Vader, which I find is extremely funny and got my vote on the awards for best internet star ( you can see they spent alot of time and money on the filming). They should honestly make into a proper Tv Series - Brilliant!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Real Simulation of Overtime

I done a little bit of overtime today Started off as one of those mindless days where You dont awaken for a while, Then all of a sudden with a little bit of coxing conversation I came alive around break time. I had these wonderfull would be ideas of what I was going to do with my day but it turned into a couch potato day (dont know why, my motivation lately feels as if its gone right down the plug hole) but never the less I came up with few little ideas with the help of my inspiration, my Focus magazine. I think Ive been reading it for most of the day (lovit).
And after reading 90% of last months issue before reading the next one the things that intrested me the most was shown on the following sites :
A site on where you take a test to see what super hero matches your criteria
A site which delves deep into Research on the subconcious mind (Right up my street)

then there is a big section on 'creating your own universe'

where this stood out the most to me :

A little arguement on 'us as Humans living in a computer simulation, the possibilities of it being real'

Nice Structure and Path (Mars)