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Friday, January 29, 2010

Consume on day of purchase or best before age.

Been trying 2 make the day go quick by working hard, and it seems to be working, but I think to myself when I stop and pause for a slight break I ponder on whether or not we are supposed to work really hard, if you work hard then you would be one of these persons later on inlife who predominantely says "I've worked hard all mylife" I think to myself do I want 2 be one of these people in my old age lol, what would I have to show for it, but only a sentence that has no meaning to anyone. Its solid objects of interest people see as gold, not moaning useless information that's only relentless dead energy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Its been two weeks now since ive given up. stumble upon these websites on the benefits and non benefits of smoking and the benefits of giving up

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tv : program on growing cannabis

I watched a program last night on people growing cannabis, you are allowed to buy all the equipment from shops and seeds legally from another but u r not allowed 2 put a seed in a pot. Cmon how can that be against the law. Growing plants. For fuck sakes its not a crime. A crime is beating someone up, robbing a bank, murdering someone etc. The only thing that's fucked up with that notion is the fact that the government are jealous on grounds that they can't keep hold on the tax of it basically. So they use they're bouncers of life. The police lol or legal cult. I believe in law and order yes, but the law stating that its wrong 2 put a seed in plant pot lol

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