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Sunday, April 30, 2006

What a Weekend

Phew after much time, much much time of enjoyment whilst out on friday Ive realised what its like to have fun once again on a night out. What a good night out it was too I had one hell of laugh giggleing and jokeing all night. lol

Anyways I aint updated for a while so I thought I would give you viewers a little treat into what I thought was quite intresting. Upon recieving a email earlier I was hooked, reading it for more than 30 minutes.
Im going to tell u all about it before I bore you with the run up of what its about
its called brain bullet. The email I had, stated they wanted £30 for the software I decided Im not paying that and looked elsewhere for similar software and found it a 30 day trial thats more like it
Ive installed the software and have given it a go, just to see if it will change me a little and make things a little more intresting heres the link = self-help subliminals

Friday, April 14, 2006

Im going to publish this I dont care what anyone says.

One day, I had one of the biggest thoughts that has come across my mind ever. I thought and slowed down and actually questioned the mobid thought that some people dont even ponder to ask the question of one day actually you will be on your death bed, and you will be at that crucial point of where you will say goodbye to all and everything on the earth plane with your human eyes you will see for the last time your friends and relatives, you will and I will highlight this "YOU WILL CEASE TO EXIST IN THE EYES OF EARTH DWELLERS" I slowed this situation down and realised it too be quite emotional without doubt or realisation of it. I know that it is a long time to come and I should only think of the present, but just a quick little thought I will be at that point of my life where I would have to say goodbye to humanity and life what would you say what would you do, if and only if there was a right answer to what you had to say and do at that particular special meaningfull moment of your life where people you know and love, where they are going to give their upmost and painfull attention to you and your last dying words to have what you had to say. What would you say?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

GreenTea Overdose

Where do I Start from where I left off last, god it was a while ago I think. Lately In work Ive been drinking green tea by the bucket loads and have found that after one cup it gives you a sort nice sense of well being but after 10 cups its a different story, can u imagine having something as powerful as that, that is legal to buy in supermarkets, Ive found to be quite a mind blowing stimulant, it does infact affect you in different ways if you can adapt to the taste like I have. its not blow you away stuff, but its day to day tea thats not alchol and you can drink it in work, it does infact after 6 cups or more make you mindless and not give a shit about anything, e.g. you would sit there and forget about something you were worrying about in the first place but then think what the hell I cant remember so I will sit here and just look intelligent. To think you can over antiditox yourself to have adverse side affects cool innit, try and drink about six cups all one after each other taking your mind off them then sit back and tell me if you think you feel a little different .

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