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Saturday, October 05, 2019

Moonshine to MoonGlow 3rd dimension to 5th (4th)

As I sit here thinking of good times but the real question is when you are in synchronisation with the earth, on a full moon maybe.
The Sol (The sun0) the father, the gatherer of our sol creation.
The Moon the mother of synchronisation, when full in pedigree she can be powerful and wholesome to mother earth with magic from milk with which cows eat moonshine grass (abducted cows lol - in the 60's, mmm aliens intrested in cows der!, it was the four solar plexuses of which moonshine turns to moonglow in humans consuming it, the holographic world in which you see is made up from enzymes created from the little city of bacteria in the stomach, and so the shine is what is the microbic shine of the soul which is created in everyones eye, once in the zone, where nothing is too hard and nothing is to easy. Everypersons solar plexus is a star system sun in a galaxy far away, Through the eye (The Shine) lol)  I/We are Soul.

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